Tony Bruno is Leaving 97.5 The Fanatic

Kyle Scott —  May 27, 2011 — 24 Comments


I just got a bunch of emails saying Tony Bruno announced he was leaving 97.5 The Fanatic today. I didn't hear it, but it is confirmed via his Facebook Page:

To all of my great friends who have been listening to 97.5 the Fanatic the last year and a half, I want you to know this has nothing to do with money, Mike Missanelli or any other factor or perception, other than scheduling and my crazy daily grind. Doing the radio show was fun every day with Harry, Nick, T Mac and all of the great people at the Fanatic. I will remain a big part of the station and don't want anyone to "blame" the station or anyone for MY decision to cut back. You can listen to the options and still realize that 97.5 sounds better, even without my regular daily 2 hour appearances. You will still hear and see me around all of the time, so just relax and enjoy life like I try to do every day. Love you guys! tb


So there you have it…

Bruno obviously has a nationally syndicated evening show, Into The Night with Tony Bruno, and, by all accounts, has split his time over the last year between California and Philadelphia.

From a personal perspective, Bruno's pipes will be missed in the afternoons. I have been running this site for about a year and a half, and the first time I heard it mentioned on the radio was by TB early last summer. For someone trying to legitimize a sports blog, hearing it mentioned for the first time – especially by a guy like Bruno –  is an indescribable feeling. So, for that, here's a grammatical roaring round of applause for Tony.

Kyle Scott

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24 responses to Tony Bruno is Leaving 97.5 The Fanatic

  1. My first thought was Mike Missanelli. He can be such a douche and disguise it as being a sports radio jockey. He rails on people for being dead set in their opinions but then won’t waver on his own regardless of the argument. I never understood why he had to be such a prick to Bruno every chance he had, but I wouldn’t want to stand for that myself.
    Anyways, Bruno will be missed.

  2. Missanelli = whiny douche

  3. From an insider: it was definitely his decision. sent an email to all of us

  4. who cares? Does this mean baldy and mays roll from 10-2? upgrade.

  5. Hey Kyle,
    Did Towanna tell you that?!

  6. Im going to miss hearing that 40 times a day, along with every other drop you were guaranteed to hear within 5 minutes of tuning in.

  7. Definitely wasn’t the most informative or conversational sports show but it was damn entertaining. Into the night…

  8. JT? Who? Or did I just walk into something?

  9. That show was great, im going to miss it big time

  10. STEVIE SKILLZ May 27, 2011 at 7:40 pm

    harry mayes will be exposed again…his days are numbered…he cant carry his own opinion, always goes with the flow of the show.

  11. you mean I won’t have to hear “FOUR!” every two seconds in the afternoon? I’m okay with that. Love TB, but man that got old.

  12. It’s an outrage!!

  13. OH NO. does this mean no more whaddup wednesdays ?!?!

  14. I do not find The Fan to be insightful at all from when I have listened. Haters gonna hate, but WIP – as abrasive as they are – has many more analysts that are much more insightful than The Fan. I feel like The Fan relies on just entertaining people. It’s very boring to me.

  15. horseface Hughes May 28, 2011 at 7:55 am

    can I get a bump bump ba bump

  16. TB is really taking over for Oprah.

  17. It won’t be fun to listen with out Bruno.
    Wes from new castle De.

  18. @nick from germantown…wow. 1st of all its the fanatic not the fan. the fan is in ny. 2nd, the fanatic has it all, comedy and pop culture from 12-2 w/ bruno then hard hitting issues with mike miss 2-6. i can’t possibly see how you would rather listen to the knuckle heads on that other station. in the the name of of tony bruno, give this man a bum bum ba bummm

  19. “For someone trying to legitimize a sports blog, hearing it mentioned for the first time – especially by a guy like Bruno – is an indescribable feeling.”
    “My panocha is weeping over this Bruno guy leaving. Waaaaaaaah!”

  20. I lived in DC for 10 years and had the pleasure of listening to Tony’s old Fox show for a long time. When I moved to Malvern, I felt lucky to have him on local radio, to add national perspective to local curmudgeons like Eskin and Mikey Miss. I have met Tony personally on several occasions and he has always been friendly and accommodating. I wish him nothing but the best. Local radio is losing a good guy.

  21. Wow. Did you really say you’d rather listen to the 24 hour Eagle pre-game show that WIP is than The Fanatic? Bad Call.

  22. I am very sad to hear Tony is gone. I didn’t listen to him for his sports analysis. I listened to him because he was hysterical and he doesn’t take himself to seriously unlike all the other so called experts.
    I’ll especially miss the emotional rants all about nothing, very funny.

  23. this sucks shit through a straw. fuck angelo cataldi right up his stupid fucking asshole

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