Dude Carcillos His Girlfriend (?) at Phillies Game

Screen shot 2011-06-16 at 1.32.17 PM
Uh oh!

Back in the ol' days at The Vet, there was a lot of naughty stuff that went on in the 700 level. Folks were far from civilization and the game was a distant afterthought to a summer night's petting. But with the success of the Phils and their sellout streak, it's nearly impossible to get it on at CBP… unless, of course, you're this couple, who was captured by a reader of Barstool, finger-banging his girlfriend. Type I fans, no doubt.

She so happy, man.

The video is after the jump- NSFW-ish.


  1. I realize why people do this…but why does someone video it? That’s creepier than the act itself.

  2. That’s damn near pornography. This should NOT be watched at work.

  3. Yo bros, weigh in on this…when you’re finger banging some chick in public and she leans back and says her dad would be proud, turn on or no?
    Also, +1 to the guy who titled it “Phingered” on youtube.

  4. You’re that horny that you can’t wait to finger bang your girl so you do it in the cheap seats? Appalling, disgusting, and downright low.
    Still not as bad as Vancouver, though.

  5. Imagine if he did it in Vancouver.

  6. if i get fired because of this video, ill be pissed.

  7. I hope he pulled his finger out of her pants and stuck it in her ear. A wet whistle is the only way this video would be acceptable.

  8. Classic post, Kyle!

  9. I hope someone shows this to her dad. SICK.

  10. seems like a classy chick

  11. That got me hard

  12. I love the use of Carcillo as a verb.

  13. Joe it said NSFW you fuckin’ idiot

  14. Can you say south philly trash?

  15. Well, he did buy her a scmitter.

  16. Hopefully he didn’t lick his fingers afterwards when he finished his chickie’s crab fries, “This tastes….uh different.”

  17. To the tool that might lose your job…why don’t you do some work instead of looking at sport articles. Idiots.

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