Another Horrible Red Bull Idea: Tim Lincecum Wants YOU to Recreate His Goofy Motion

Greetings from the second week of August, the most popular vacation week of the year! Here's something that's only moderately interesting to hold you over while I work on my 9,000 futbol prose and the next installment of the CB Mailbag.

Tim Lincecum is holding a competition for fans to submit videos in which they try to recreate his awkward pitching mechanics. The winner will get to take live BP against Timmay next spring- I'm sure lawyers will have a field day with that. [ESPN]

The entry period for fans to submit their best version of the right-hander's pitching motion began Tuesday and goes through Sept. 16.

Lincecum says the "Red Bull Ultimate" competition will be judged in multiple rounds based on creativity, originality, performance and skill level, and demonstrated passion for the sport and Lincecum.


If you remember, last month, Jimmy Rollins took to the Parkway – with Red Bull – in an attempt to break the home run distance record, using a hollowed-out metal bat. It didn't work and was borderline dangerous for bystanders. Sounds similar.

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  1. I’d like to try and recreate his face. Does anyone volunteer to let me beat them in the face with a bat for about an hour? That should do it.

  2. he looks like michelle branch.

  3. Who the f*ck’s “michelle branch”?

  4. Ugh. The Giants are the biggest bunch of attention whores in baseball. This just further proves that.

  5. The winner will get to take live BP against Timmay next spring- I’m sure lawyers will have a field day with that

  6. Are you kidding? I come down with back pain just WATCHING Lincecum pitch!
    By the by, MY last name is Branch! Seriously! I wonder if Michelle’s a long lost relative!

  7. i am just going to patch together a bunch of dazed and confused clips….winner winner chicken dinner

  8. The Giants are the biggest bunch of attention whores in baseball. This just further proves that.apb cash:

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