The Washington Nationals are Running a BOGO… on Season Tickets

Welcome to the nation's capital, ladies and gentlemen.

Thanks to reader Nick, who is unfortunately subscribed to the Nats' mailing list, for sending along their latest marketing email: Buy 2012 full season tickets and get the rest of 2011 FREE.

I find the Buy 2, Get 2 plan to be the best:

LF/RF Baseline Reserved – Buy 2 for $40 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE

LF/RF Corner – Buy 2 for $30 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE

RF Mezzanine – Buy 2 for $25 per seat, per game and get 2 FREE


Sounds like something you would order at Panera. I'll have the You Pick Two. You said your soup du jour was the soup of the day? That sounds good and I'll have that.

By my math, you could buy two full season tickets for 2012, and get not only an additional two FREE seats for the entire year, but also two FREE seats for the remaining 25 home games this year. That's 374 individual game seats for the price of 161. Yeah, they might want to look elsewhere for that $126 million.


  1. wow..this has the Vet written all over it

  2. Baseball failed in Washington twice… what makes this time different?

  3. Andy (San Diego)

    August 4, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    Both the Angels & Dodgers have done this over the years, even while drawing 3 million fans/season.

  4. Speaking of the nationals. I’ll be up in reading tonight booing Bryce Harper

  5. The Nationals ran the ‘Buy 2, Get 2′ special at the beginning of this season as well

  6. If Werth continues to put up those Ueker like numbers, they might see a four for one next year.

  7. i don’t think you get 4 season tickets for next year… it sounds like if you buy two season tickets for next year, then you get two for the rest of this year’s games…

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