A Philly Sports Power Hour to Get You Warmed Up

Oh holy awesome. John Thomas Gallagher put together an incredible power hour video set to Philly sports moments. What’s your reminder for when to drink? Harry the K. What you see here is just the trailer. The full video is here.

This is incredibly well done. A full one hour of Philly sports highlights to go with 60 shots of beer. Yes and please.

H/T to (@robmagee)


  1. canttt.. stop.. watching.. ahhhh

  2. Great video, couldn’t stop watching,well done!

  3. this is the greatest thing ever created on the internet

  4. This is the best thing EVER!!!

  5. wow………. that may or may not have just sung sweet melodies to my lady parts…… and it was only the trailor. possibly heading to mcfaddens tomorrow for the game…. i just may have to power hour with this before i go :)

  6. Roy Halladay. MD, OB/GYN

    September 30, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    i will tell the story of where i found this when i inevitably end up in AA 6 months from now.

  7. officially saved on my computer. epic. well done creators

  8. I’ll fuck anybody

  9. Job. Well. Done.

  10. Awesome but he should make another one with some of these on it:
    JR’s OT goal against TOR and the goal against the Rangers, Carcillo’s OT goal against NJ, Primeau’s 6 OT goal, Jerome Brown, TO, the 4th & 1 stop against Dallas, Ryan Howard’s 58 HR season, Halladay’s perfect game, Iguodola in the dunk contest
    Other ideas?

  11. I just ejaculated

  12. I had plans this morning. Skipped them all to watch that video. Dallas Sucks.

  13. How can I save this video to my laptop? Can’t wait for all the buffering on my university’s shitty connection …

  14. What’s the name of that song???????

  15. What is the song that plays during desean jackson’s punt return???? I need to know!!!

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