UPDATE: Les Bowen Punched Jeff McLane Today

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Holy shit.

McLane and Bowen went at it on Twitter yesterday. Bowen never responded when his colleague called him "an old hack" (among other things). He simply told one follower that he would "handle [his] business in person." 

He did just that.

Howard Eskin went on WIP shortly after this Tweet (listen to it after the jump). He said Bowen and McLane started arguing with each other in the press room before Bowen landed a shot to the head.

I'm told by a few other folks that the whole encounter was "short-lived" and punches were only thrown by Les, who is now a Twitter legend.

Buzz on Broad captured audio of Asante Samuel calling for a rematch. Listen to it after the jump, along with Eskin's account.

Audio courtesy of WIP:

Les bowen jeff mclane by crossingbroad


  1. Video is needed, But good for Les, he’s a far better reporter then Banner fed McLane.

  2. I wont believe this happened one bit, until someone else also reports it, or one of the 2 parties involved confirms it. Funny how Eskin is the only one talking about it.. and is eskin calling Bowen a tired old reporter as well?

  3. That’s my boy Les

  4. Internet tough guy vs. tough old guy.
    Advantage: Tough old guy!

  5. I loved Les when he covered the Flyers. I have no idea about his reporting now because I give absolutely zero fucks about the eagles or the nfl.

  6. some gran torino shit

  7. “Internet tough guy vs. tough old guy.
    Advantage: Tough old guy!”
    Posted by: Andy (San Diego) | September 28, 2011 at 02:00 PM
    Andy, to quote Laddie-Boy: “Truth”

  8. @howardeskin
    Howard Eskin
    @milkdrinker it was one punch

  9. Howard Eskin
    @MikeGarafolo they had to separate them.

  10. UFC headliner material right there.

  11. yeah, because Howard has SO MUCH journalistic merit! *sarcasm*

  12. Good for Bowen. McLane flew off the handle over nothing on Twitter yesterday. Bowen should’ve knocked the young punk out.
    Whether it’s true or not, good for Les.

  13. someone just called me from the novacare complex to inform me of this. It is true

  14. eskin go away already

  15. Good, Jeff is a fucking asshole

  16. Brittany, who u bangin from the eagles?

  17. McClane was acting like a bundle of sticks, deserved it. Score one for us old crotchety mother fuckers! The wolfman shouldn’t be howling about anybody being old and tired especially after being ejected from his throne by Mikey Miss.

  18. Yo KS, you should throw up a nod to this.
    Gonna be a really cool piece on NFL network tomorrow night at 10 about Jerome Brown and Reggie White. Brett Favre calls Gang Green, “Easily the best defense I ever faced.”

  19. Bowen replied to people on Twitter confirming it

  20. Les should have punched him in the back of the head

  21. Mike Miss confirmed it as well through McManus

  22. I hope he punches Eskin next

  23. hahahahahhah omg asante…. hysterical.

  24. Just letting you all know: this will receive national attention. Philadelphia will be the “only city in the US where EVEN THE SPORTSWRITERS can’t act civilized,” and you will all either cry or act like you don’t care.
    J.A. Adande retweeted someone’s mention of the apparent brawl. Here it comes…

  25. …and Adande linked to this page.

  26. I think the players should hound Les and Mclane about what happend. If this happend between two players in the lockerroom they would be torturing the players about what happend. I find it ironic that these two are now news.

  27. TitaniumTestes Tim

    September 28, 2011 at 9:17 pm

    uhhhhh KS pleaseeee tell me you follow @ilovewetpussy. she is legend and should be the female mascot of crossingbroad.

  28. Bowen will never speak of this on the record, being old school and all. McLane must feel like a huge bitch right now.

  29. My boyfriend covers the Eagles. I’ll ask him if this is true.

  30. The Wizard of Os 102

    September 29, 2011 at 2:33 am

    Nobody cares about your boyfriend Denise. Nice name drop

  31. Twitter: Beer balls for cowards. Way to step up, Les.

  32. Excellent video! It was filmed in a studio?

  33. Fully support McLane on this one, Bowen threw the first punch literally and on Twitter. Everyone in the industry knew who his first post was directed at…prefers to handle his sh*t personally…my a$$. He started the Twitter BS. If you want the real story on this one … from an eye witness … go to DEADSPIN … then tell me who was acting professionally. Sounds like McLane hit a nerve on Bowen – and was a little to close to the truth with his comments.

  34. have to agree,Deadspins article proves what type of profesional Les Bowen is. Obviously the old dogs in the media feel threatend by the younger crew.

  35. Knowing Les personally for over 10yrs. I at first was very surpirsed and can atest to the mans character. He must have had one hell of a reason, not just twitter bickering to clock him…

  36. Les Bowen is an asshole and everyone who knows him will agree….sorry the gut doesn’t even attend the games!!! Hello!!! What kind of sports writer can you possible be if you don’t even go to the games????? …oh yeah…a “hack”….

  37. It was an interesting question and I wasn’t quite sure how to answer without giving it some thought. I think the question, on his part, implied that if you’re a Zionist and supporter of Israel, there’s something a bit off about telling stories from the Palestinian point of view. There is — on the surface. But not if you dig a little deeper.

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