Players Name Chase Utley Baseball’s Second Meanest Player

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Chase Utley falls just between A.J. Pierzynski and Milton Bradley in's player poll naming the sport's meanest players. Wow.

SI polled 215 players. No criteria is given, just the term "meanest player."

We're all very aware that Utley plays the game hard and often times irks opposing teams, but this is a bit shocking.

The top 15:

1) A.J. Pierzinski

2) Chase Utley

3) Milton Bradley

4) Carlos Zambrano

5) Vincente Padilla

6) Alex Rodriguez

7) Chris Carpenter

8) Albert Pujols

9) Nyer Morgan

10) Kevin Youkilis

11) Josh Beckett

12) Kyle Farnsworth

13) Prince Fielder

14) Jason Kendall

15) Mark Teixeira

The slideshow at

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  1. what the fuck? does he call everyone that runs by him on their way to second some derogatory name?

  2. They hate that he blocks second base.

  3. @Tim I’d love to hear what he would call Nyjer Morgan.

  4. Chase is the Honey badger…He doesn’t give a shit…

  5. oh man they are so right. i mean the guy who gets hit most of the time at bat should just not do anything right. screw espn and si, so bias against philly.

  6. All I can say is fuck Chris Carpenter and Nyjer Morgan

  7. WHAT THE FUCK? Are you serious? Lets please not mistake intensity for being mean. Dude gets hit more times than a punching bag and always handles it with class. I swear this anti Philly bullshit is reaching new heights today!
    Scrench “Chase is the Honey badger…He doesn’t give a shit…” LOLZ… truth

  8. Nyjer Morgan is only ninth?
    Chase plays the game hard, Nyjer plays the game like he’s king of the castle and everyone else is an asshole.

  9. It was a players vote John. I like having the reputation as a tough, smart fan base. Stop being a dumb bitch

  10. I’ve met Milton Bradley. He’s actually very mild-mannered and quiet, believe it or not. He has just had explosions that have gained notoriety + players not digging him for being quiet.
    I’m sure players not on the Phillies hate Utley because he’s not very extroverted when it comes to players on other teams. And he’s really good.

  11. i’m glad chuts is mean…i’d take this list of players on my team any day…

  12. Of course players on other teams think he’s mean. He keeps his mouth shut, plays hard and with intensity. I’m fine with that. I’d rather have one Chase Utley that ten pansies who are afraid of hurting other people’s feelings.

  13. This makes NO sense. For a player who NEVER argues, never shows up an umpire, never does anything dirty to another player, you’d think Utley wouldn’t even make the list. Maybe it’s because he’s not exactly a conversationalist on the basepaths or to those on base?? Well, maybe Utley is totally focused on the game and is just THAT dailed-in so he doesn’t miss anything.

  14. How is Brad Penny not on this list?

  15. Dr. Schvinter Muscle

    September 14, 2011 at 1:29 pm

    You can’t take a fastball off any part of your body and NOT be fucking mean. A happy fucker would at least wince.

  16. Man, that’s a kooky list. Bradley, Morgan and Zambrano for instance are more crazy than mean, and Pierzinski is your classic Sean Avery like agitator, not a baby eating asshole. Prince Fielder? If you ask me, the only thing he gets mean at is the menu at Burger King, judging from his tub of lard physique. Jason Kendall? I didn’t even know he was still playing! Like I said, kooky.

  17. Prince Fielder is like the friendliest guy wtf???

  18. magic – you would take Padilla, Farnsworth, Bradley, Pierzinski, Kendall and Zambrano? Are you still playing MLB 2k4? Time to upgrade to a PS3 bro.

  19. This has to all come from the NLCS last year when he threw that ball back to Sanchez (jokingly). This is bullshit. But who cares, he’s still the man.

  20. the picture that was used is perfect

  21. Not much Prince Fielder can get at BK PhillyFlash, he’s a vegetarian. Yes, really.

  22. He’s a hottie…not a meanie!!

  23. A couple of years ago players voted utley one of the dirtiest players. He just plays the game hard. Also Pujols worse then Morgan??? Doesn’t Pujols save babies from burning buildings in between innings?

  24. This isn’t shocking to me at all. Players who are gritty, hustle, and play hard on every play are usually hated by other players. The guys who go out there and half ass it realize that they don’t give half the effort Utley does and he makes them look bad by hustling and playing hard every night.
    Reminds me of the scene from Rudy when he’s playing hard in practice and the one guy gets all pissed off at Rudy for playing hard. –
    “Last practice and this asshole thinks it’s the Super Bowl” – Rudy

  25. i love how people on this comment board act like they know the players. “why isnt brad penny on there”, “price fielder??” you losers dont know these players from Adam. stop acting like you ahve a clue

  26. I love how most of these players are the ones who’ve enjoyed a successful career lol. Dd they say what players they used to sample?? Like is this derek jeter saying this or is it a player no one really knows.

  27. Jesus is the 5th Starter

    September 14, 2011 at 2:11 pm

    Had the pleasure of bumping into Chase Utley at an Airport in Tampa last January and he allowed me and my brother to get a picture with him and signed my 11 year old brothers Phillies shirt. Probably the nicest athlete I’ve ever met. He just takes baseball very seriously and thats the guy I want playing second base.

  28. People are just jealous of Utleys intensity, and grit 110% of the time. If these players mistake his talent and determination for “mean” well thats their problem.

  29. In other news, Crossing Broad won the Peoples Choice for the MVB Awards. Congrats Kyle!

  30. I rem I was at the Mexican post back in 2005 & caught vincente Padilla sweating his ass off doing blow in the bathroom

  31. @olo567 so are the fuckin elephants at the zoo.

  32. That’s just stupid. I’ve never seen him even talk during a game.

  33. I do have to say that Chase might be mean while playing the game but in real life he is one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure of meeting. I guess other players see playing hard and blocking second base like you are suppose to do as mean.

  34. Chase Utley can staple live kittens to dyslexic orphans as long as he helps win us another World Series. Get over it.

  35. Meanest?!?! Bleep You!
    -Chase Utley

  36. Who wrote created this list of “mean” players? A fuckin’ third grader who didn’t get an autograph from these guys or wasnt given a ball at the end of an inning? Who over the age of 6 even calls people mean?

  37. Jon pay the fuck attention. It’s a list voted by players.

  38. I can’t prove this theory but I’m sure Marlon Anderson is behind this travesty.

  39. So really what happened was that there were a bunch of phillies polled and they decided as a group “who would be the least likely to make this list? Chase Utley! Lets all vote him on as a joke.” Done & Done.

  40. Hey Scott, calm the fuck down. I obviously don’t really think a 3rd grader wrote it. Go get laid and drink a beer and fucking relax.

  41. lol, this is funny. Who would have thought?
    Most shocking is Nyjer Morgan’s position. He’s probably not good enough for people to think about him though…

  42. Why is it such a bad thing to be the second meanest player in the MLB? Wouldn’t it be awesome to the such a badass?

  43. Chase was heard to say ‘Second meanest? Fuck you.’

  44. Utley seems like a cold, unfriendly guy. I don’t care because he’s great at baseball.

  45. That’s a pretty admirable list of players. I’d be glad to make that list.

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