Rumor: The NHL Might Announce the Winter Classic Before the Winter Classic

Screen Shot 2011-09-02 at 2.03.32 PM
And not a moment too soon.

According to the unfortunately named Steve Zipay of Newsday, the NHL may announce the yet unannounced, the first rule of Fight Club is to not speak about Fight Club Winter Classic on September 26th. That's good because HBO has already met with the Flyers, the team started auctioning off ticket packages for charity, and they're working on a special mask for Bryz. Now we just need the NHL to tell us about it. 

All of that and more on our non-existent Winter Classic page.


  1. This will be the worst winter classic yet…I was at the one in Fenway and the was cool but CBP does nothing for me…..oh and the Rangers blow

  2. It would have been awesome if it was against Shittsburgh. I just wish they would announce the dame thing so i can find out about tickets!

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