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11 responses to There’s a New Winter Classic Logo Floating Around, and This One Looks Damn Real

  1. Damn, I love it anytime the Liberty Bell is used. Nice logo.

  2. I can’t wait for Monday so we’ll know for sure. This time in 2009 I already had my tickets, hotel reservations, and train tickets up to Boston! It will be nice to finally focus on what’s important….what time am I getting to the parking lot that morning and when do the gates open.

  3. Very cool!
    Now show us what the actual Flyers WC jerseys will look like.

  4. @Mike – Agree 100%. Best of the batch so far.

  5. Great logo. I wonder when tickets will go on sale?

  6. @Lars – I’m wondering the same thing. Hopefully I’ll be snag a few!

  7. Please tell me Jim Hughson is commentating this one.

  8. Tickets will go on sale at 9am, the website will be inaccessible and the phones will be busy. then they’ll be completely sold out by 9:01am. Seriously, unless you’re a season ticket holder and get lucky in the raffle I wouldn’t expect to get tickets anywhere except Stubhub and 3rd party resale sites like that for 10x face value. The Rangers get a huge amount for their fans, NBC gets some, I’m told the Phillies are getting a huge amount as part of the CBP deal, there just aren’t going to be any tickets left for the public.

  9. Check out 0:34 when they flashback to 2011. Says 2011 Heinz Field, and then has 2010 going from left to right in the floating font.
    If it is the actual promo, maybe they’ll fix that first.

  10. Wow! That logo is flat out awesome! My hat’s off to whoever created it!

  11. exterior shots. It also seems to be professionally edited. You can watch it after the jump.

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