Eagles Trade Ronnie Brown for Jerome Harrison and Draft Pick


  1. Jerome Harrison… again? I don’t think the first experiment helped too much

  2. He may have taken the top spot for dumbest play in Philadelphia sports history, IMO. Werth getting picked off second on the intentional walk used to be #1. Difficult to top that, but I’m thinking Brown actually did it.

  3. So they trade for a player they cut??????

  4. Exactly Dwayne…exfuckingactly…

  5. Shit lets go all out trade Vince and bring McNabb back to be the backup

  6. I’d just like to interject here and point out that Andy Reid can tongue kiss my shithole.

  7. I can’t believe the Eagles front office admits a mistake like this but can’t admit a mistake like letting Dawkins walk. You mean to tell me Denver wouldn’t shed his salary for a conditional 5th round pick? COME ON!!!
    I don’t mind Harrisson, but why let him go to begin with?

  8. Ronnie Brown has a drug problem

  9. @ Dwayne: Harrison wasn’t cut. He was a free agent and wanted to sign where he would get more playing time.

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