Jason Babin as The Hulk on Daily News Live


  1. It was done at Julie Dorenbos’ place… His kids got the Hulk treatment, too

  2. Happy Halloweenie, Laddie!
    Do you remember this?:
    Well, maybe you’re too young to remember that, but for all who went there before it closed, weren’t you thinking like me, that wouldn’t it be great if they really could invent a headless woman?:
    Just think: All that cooch without any of the talk-back hahahahahahah!

  3. You mean to tell me Babin isn’t actually The Hulk?

  4. any slutty holloween pics of Julie Dorenbos with her cans out???? I would love to motorboat her tits. bssssspppppppbrrrrrrssssppsppsppspppp

  5. Chris Pronger is a fag

    October 31, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Fucking Mexican wetbacks

  6. Using Greenface? this is offensive and disgusting to all the Hulks out there

  7. I’ll fuck anybody

  8. Ron Noel will fuck Fatty Reidbuckle with a Jason mask on, all while Scott Hartnell’s long-lost twin brother watches on:

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