Danny Briere Totally Performed Luis Mendoza’s Mighty Ducks Move in the Shootout

Put it in, Luis!!!!

Somewhere, Danny B's kids just nominated him for coolest dad in the world. Briere put on the brakes – hard – and weaved around Johan Hedberg for the Flyers' only shootout goal in their loss to the Devils. Officials reviewed the play, since you're not allowed to stop forward momentum, but eventually ruled it a goal, even though Danny did, um, stop.

Who cares? It was awesome!

Screen Shot 2011-11-03 at 10.58.28 PM

The play had every element of Luis Mendoza's breakaway goal in D2: The Mighty Ducks. Hard stop, spray goalie, pause, put it in. The only thing missing was Gordon Bombay.

Full Mendoza clips after the jump.

3:20 of this video:


And this little slice of awesome:


  1. and that’s the only way the Flyers score in a shootout. Maybe they should practice this.

  2. How many millieseconds does it need to be for it to count as a stop?
    Anyways, tomorrow’s blog should be titled “Morning Puck: Blowing Leads Edition”
    Lazy, stoopid, and arse-headed turnovers in the D-Zone again led to too many Devils goals. Without that Flyers should have had the win even with being out-shot by the Devils. http://youtu.be/XhI0OVs_zj0

  3. The rule is that the puck must stay in motion. And it did. No rule regarding the player’s skates stopping.

  4. BTW, How many F*cking Ducks movies were there? Wasn’t one of them bad enough?
    Got that Hollywood? More “Slap Shot” and “Youngblood”, less “Mitey Ducks”!

  5. @IronBalls Thats Blasphemy you Cake Eater!!!

  6. This post made my night. nice work

  7. The most impressive part of Luis Mendoza’s breakaway goal was how he switched “handedess” multiple times, eventually banging home the goal while shooting left handed. However, he clearly skates faster and pulls away from defenders more quickly while holding the stick righty.


  9. As much as I’m disappointed that the Flyers couldn’t hold it together last night, this was one of the best posts I’ve ever seen on this website.
    Fantastic work on either making or finding the History will be made video!

  10. Those movies sucked donkey dick

  11. sorry Jimbo … D2 was da tits
    Beez Nutz

  12. Thanks guys. Didn’t make the History Will be Made one, though, found that on YouTube.

  13. What was that fat fuck goalies name in D1? Hated that slob

  14. Ron Shelly, really?!? Who hates Goldberg?! He rocks flyers stuff throughout the whole flick!

  15. The only part that was cool was when the rich asshole paid for all new equipment. The best hockey movie ever was Youngblood when they shaved Rob Lowe’s nutsack….yummy

  16. Luis Mendoza/Benny the Jet is banging all of your moms right now.

  17. Charlie Banks,
    Na, not blasphemous.
    But aye, I’m a cake eater: Patti’s Cake. Mary’s Cake. Rosie’s Cake. Shannon’s Cake. Kaitlyn’s Cake. Suzie’s Cake. Jane’s Cake. Ginnie’s Cake. Carrie’s Cake. BiBi’s Cake. Rachel’s Cake. Haley’s Cake. Etc.
    I eat lots of cakes hahahahahah
    All Angels food cake, but never devils food cake, that’s a sin hahahahah.

  18. Jimbo, the best part of Youngblood is where he shags* his gal:
    I bet she’s somebody that Ron Noel WON’T fuck, that miserable wanker.
    *: That serves as a warning for all of those morons who get offended by a female’s nakeditiyty.

  19. Ah Shyte, in Youngblood I forgot the redhead Miss McGill. Not nude but still very sexy. You may think she was too old or maybe a “MILF” but she’s still very yung-n-hot (& sexperienced) to me:

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