David Boreanaz Practiced with the Flyers Today


  1. Dave Roberts was the man. Fuck Bolaris.

  2. If i didnt know better, id guess the black guy wasnt the hockey player. Boreanz looks like reg dunlop

  3. I love how Boreanaz and Simmonds have to duck to get in the shot with Briere. lol

  4. Thank you, tr, for not getting the joke.

  5. I still don’t get it. I thought the joke was david b clearly isnt the player since hes old

  6. I would say Giroux if I didn’t know better, because of the shades, flowy hair, and gay smile.

  7. Pav #45- Baltimore Ravens fan

    November 30, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    I would have to say the booger isn’t a hockey player

  8. If I didnt follow the Flyers I would say the 12 yr old in the middle.. o I mean Danny B

  9. TR – Pretty sure the joke is that of the four, Boreanaz actually looks most like a hockey player.

  10. ability to transport us through time and space that makes it so seductive and so valuable. Tornick reminds me of this with his portfolio and tip of the hat to Paul Strand.

  11. Which one? How about the little guy wearing the hat?

  12. The little downs syndrome kid next to Simmonds

  13. I’ve tweeted to Boreanaz just to say hi because I go to Ithaca College, (where he went) and he sent me a DM wishing me luck. Very nice guy

  14. Two French guys, a black guy, and a Hispanic walk into a hockey rink…

  15. classic

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