Video: Former Nittany Lion Matt Millen Breaks Down on ESPN


  1. Andy (San Diego)

    November 8, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    Can you blame him?
    This whole thing makes me sick.
    There are no words.

  2. That sick freak Sandusky gave everyone ever associated with PSU a bad name.


  4. Nick Taggs you have it exactly right. Everyone there is now partially responsible for this. It’s messed up.

  5. Poor Matt, now he knows how hard core lions fans felt when he was GM.

  6. What he did to the Lions could be considered a criminal offense as well.

  7. Great call Hawkfan.

  8. Video not working for me.

  9. @Nick Taggs & Nick C….how can you say “everyone there is now partially responsible for this”? that is total crap.
    This terrible situation doesnt give PSU a bad name, it gives Sandusky and everyone involved in the cover up a bad name.

  10. Fixed video link. Sorry about that, TwitVid experiencing problems.

  11. Going all those years without a blemish while everyone else it seemed around them were horrible offenders. Makes what USC, Auburn, etc. did seem like absolute nothing.

  12. It’s funny, that’s the exact same reaction Lions fans have when they think about what Millen did to their team.

  13. haha fucking classic. Whatever you think about little boys and the sanctity of their assholes you have to get a kick out that first video.

  14. pure emotion. best thing ive ever seen from Matt Millen saw it live and it was riveting.

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