And Now, A Pictorial Aftermath of Jaromir Jagr Putting One in The Eyes of Penguins Fans


  1. That Penguin fan is a little bitch. Man up fat boy

  2. Keep cryin, kid. your tears sustain me.

  3. Some wins just feel…nicer.

  4. what gender is that thing in the giroux jersey?

  5. some good looking people in that pitt crowd.
    Also I would sucker that little fat crying kid in the back of the head

  6. Where has Iron Balls been

    December 29, 2011 at 11:09 pm

    That might just be the ugliest lady ever in the g jersey.

  7. Breaking the crying kid curse again dude. That being said it’s SHITSBURGH there’s no hope for the kid anyway

  8. why are people so rude about appearances? how would you like it if someone said something like that about your mother, father, sister or brother? its just mean. go flyers

  9. Shaun "Mother F**king" Colligan

    December 30, 2011 at 1:30 am

    @kar … welcome to the most “F*ck you, ill kill you and you’re whole family tree in one hit, league.” (Peter Laviolette)

  10. @kar: That’s the problem……we don’t know if it is somebody’s mother, father, sister, or brother……just saying!

  11. @kar I feel your pain! I guess that’s why were the most hated fans in sports….all the sports!!

  12. @kar- it is what it is

  13. Jags takin' a log

    December 30, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Fuckin’ right boys.

  14. That’s a man in the 28 jersey. Probably the girl’s father, who no doubt is ready to discipline the little boy for screaming at his daughter.
    Go Flyers!!

  15. fucking classic

  16. Iron city retards…. Bye bye little Sydney mushbrain! Fuckin crybaby

  17. Ha ha ha, the kid is just doing his own impersonation of Cindy Crosby, it’s exactly how Cindy reacts when she doesn’t get her way !!! Ha ha ha kid, hope the psychiatrist can help you out, but maybe not your from Pittsburgh ( Pittsburgh, I’d only go to Pittsburgh to throw up !!! )

  18. Yo, kid! There’s no crying in hockey!

  19. That fat fuck kid deserves to be locked in a penalty box with Conlin

  20. Friggin’ hotdogs for fingers on that boy!

  21. He shoots, he scores

    December 30, 2011 at 10:06 am

    First level Penguins Tickets $85
    Authentic Penguins jersey $135
    Crying like a little be-otch on a regional TV broadcast, getting – priceless
    this little fat pussy is all over facebook today too

  22. We NEED VIDEO OF THIS!! It’s so much more gratifying!

  23. This is the kind of hate for Pittsburgh that makes me proud to be from Philly. Lavy would tell that kid to Go Fuck Yourself. Maybe he’s crying cause he looked directly at that thing in the G jersey. Whatever it is

  24. on a serious note, that goal by Jags was fucking sick

  25. kyle any screen grabs or photos of the yellow sign that someone held up when jagr scored? it was right behind him on the glass. him and g both turned around to look at it as they were celebrating.

  26. I feel bad for that kid because he looks like he’s retarded and also lives in Shitsburgh.

  27. Fake Chinese Giroux jersey? Check

  28. Haven’t lost in Pittsburgh’s new arena. Not even an overtime or shootout loss. All wins. Fuckin right boys.

  29. The guy/girl in the Giroux jersey kinda looks like an oddly-shaped Piers Morgan

  30. Fuckin right

  31. Pittsburgh has some ugly people. Must suck to be the armpit of the state. Fucking right boys

  32. @Adam – Yes, mixed with Robin Williams’ character in Mrs. Doubtfire when he only has the mask on.

  33. i want to find out what that sign said after jagr scored when giroux was looking at it

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