Here Are Pics of Ilya Bryzgalov’s Completed Winter Classic Mask

The mask, which was designed by Drummond Custom Airbrush, will be featured in a photoshoot – with models – tomorrow conducted by our friends from Ego Philly. We'll have more pictures of this and Bernie's mask.

H/T to (@Nicks2333) for sending


  1. Nice! I like the nod to HK and Gene Hart, but why don’t they ever take a picture of the back? There’s usually a pretty cool design back there.

  2. I can’t wait to see the tributes to Smokin’ Joe & Gene Hart on the back.

  3. B Dawk should be the on there.

  4. The Minister of Defense is much more a Philly staple than Dawkins, Mike.

  5. Cant imagine how much this will fetch at auction!

  6. They packed a lot in. Looks awesome.

  7. dat helmet should have AI on it dawg.

  8. can this russian asshole stop a puck yet?

  9. Cool mask but why is he putting Reggie White on the mask? Reggie made his legacy in GB. Not this non-superbowl winning city…

  10. I wanna rub my balls on it

  11. NJ DUb, you may be right he made is legacy in GreenBay, but why did he retire an eagle? Cause he loved this city

  12. haha where is his universe

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