Bryz Says Bob is Starting Winter Classic

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Wow. So much for that cool helmet. Ilya Bryzgalov told the media this morning that Sergei Bobrovsky will start in the Winter Classic.


“I have great news and even better news. OK, great news: I’m not playing tomorrow night. Good news: we have a chance to win the game tomorrow.”



Peter Laviolette has not spoken to the media yet, so the announcement is not official. But, Bryzgalov said he will not play and several players said after Sunday's practice that Bobrovsky is being rewarded for his consistent performance this season. 


Welcome to humongous big goalie controversy 2012.

UPDATE: Peter Laviolette told the media that he has not spoken to either goalie:


Isaac more quotes from Bryz. Video of the press conference is after the jump.


  1. In Soviet Russia puck stops you!

  2. Guaranteed $50M to ride the bench. Nutcase!

  3. wow, just wow……… unexpected

  4. Justin Abramowicz

    January 1, 2012 at 11:39 am

    Remember my thermos and enjoy the bench… at least he’s still funny.

  5. Oh, lord! I thought we were finally over this nonsense. Could someone take a trip down to Florida and bring back a few gallons of water from the Fountain of Youth for Bernie Parent to bathe in?

  6. He’s starting to make McNabb look like a stable, secure personality.

  7. so you give your star goalie a day off on one of the biggest hockey games of the year? SMH.

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