Phillies Are Considering Signing Pat Burrell to a One-Day Contract


Excellent– a chance for Bat to come home and dampen just one more Philadelphia coed (or six).

At last night’s Sports Writers Association banquet in Cherry Hill – which is like the prom for local scriptuals, especially the older ones – Ruben Amaro was asked about the possibility of signing Pat Burrell to a one-day contract so the he could retire a Phillie. Todd Zolecki of fills us in:

Don't be surprised to see Burrell, who announced his retirement on Monday, sign a one-day contract and retire with the Phillies.

"We are considering it," Amaro said.


Golf claps for Rube. He may just be stiff-arming the public until we come to our senses and realize that Pat Burrell had one hit in obtaining two World Series rings… but we’ll take Rube’s word for it. Bring back Bat.

Zolecki has more nuggets from Ruben, Charlie, and Hunter.


  1. Sounds good to me as he helped bring a championship to the city. Seems logical to hang up his cleats here.

  2. 2 GW HRs in the ’08 Post Season, and his one hit in the World Series just happened to produce the winning run. Just sayin.

  3. Nooooooo. He sux.

  4. after party drinks & bathroom stall s*x at the irish pub


  6. They should do the same for JD Drew.

  7. Why are they just considering it? I know he wasn’t the greatest, but he was the face of the lineup for a while, and he helped bring a championship to this town for the first time in 25 years. I don’t see what there is to consider… do it, Rube!

  8. Pat the bat needs to retire as a Phillie!!! He was a big part of the turn around!!!!!


  10. @g – You do realize it’s just so he can retire a Phillie, not so he can play….right?
    I think it would be great. He could stay in his old condo with Talbot and they can proceed to woo women from 21-45 with their bats and bowties. What’s that address again??

  11. FACT: Ryan Howard, Jimmy Rollins and Chase Utley have never won a World Series without Pat Burrell.
    Bring him back!

  12. The guy never bitched about the fan treatment, refreshingly, he was honest about it and admitted he was treated that way because he wasn’t getting the job done, for that reason alone he deserves it. The eagles should hire him as a sports psychologist.

  13. No problem if he wants to retire a Phillie. But, this is the same Pat Burrell people boo’d constantly for years, right? It’s true that it didn’t really bother him, cause he really didn’t care. Yes, 2008 changes A LOT, but let’s not pretend Pat Burrell wasn’t Pat Burrell.

  14. Billy the Rat said it best, the dude cared more about what they were doing after the game, then winning

  15. You remember those guys that Kruk said “didn’t have the guts to play here?” Pat the Bat wasn’t one of those guys.

  16. I don’t remember Burrell being booed for anything minus a few bad slumps. Dude always came to play and was the most exciting player we had for a few years. Some of the short-term memory fans here must be confusing him with Abreu’s lazy ass.

  17. “Fans” who weren’t paying attention to the Phillies before 2008 won’t really remember just how much Burrell was booed, or how sub-par most of his Phillies career was.

  18. matt i think i remember burrell being booed quite a bit when he was hovering near the mendoza line one year

  19. Right, like I said a few bad slumps. I think we got excited by his 37 homers the one year and all hoped for monster numbers from him, but he just wasn’t that guy. He did manage to place 4th in homers and 8th in RBI for the Phils all time so it’s not like he was a complete bust.

  20. I LOVE Pat the Bat!! He helped us win the 2008 WS and he and his doggie Elvis led the parade; I say he should definitely retire as a Phillie!!

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