Video: Scott Hartnell Calls Evgeni Malkin The Ugliest Player in the League

That was funny, and so was Max Talbot talking about getting speared in the fucking penis, but we'll have more later on Giroux's on-ice stand-up routine.

Video is copyright HBO via FlyersinHD on YouTube


  1. Yeah. With Rod Brind’Amour, Mike Ricci, and Darius Kasparaitis out of the league, I think Geno’s got it in a laugher.
    I fast-forwarded through all the Ranger parts — just can’t stomach it after Monday’s result.

  2. Max Talbot's penis

    January 6, 2012 at 1:11 am

    Ah it wasn’t that bad……still managed to please 3 women that night.

  3. I didn’t know that Pittiesburg had that many women worth pleasing. Unless you count all their cows as being Pittiesburg women.

  4. Hey who was the Ranger who was digging for all that gold while Torterella was giving his WC 2nd intermission talk in the locker room? I recall he was sitting between that “Weasel” Brandon Dubinkski and “Middle-child of 13″ Brad Boyes. Somebody needs to put it on the Youtube, cause he was digging away for perhaps half a minute. Embarressing.

  5. Also, who was the ex-teammate who speared Talbot in the dingdong? It looked either to be Kennedy #48 or #18 Neal. Some number ending in 8 for the Penguins.
    Hey is it me, or is Tyler Kennedy the real life look alike of Butthead? You be the (Mike) Judge:

  6. “Right in my fucking penis!”
    Yes Max, that’s what it’s primarilly there for. Fucking. Hahahahahahahah

  7. hartnell is no fabio either

  8. malkin really is the ugliest. him or kennedy. malkin has always reminded me of shrek though.
    and G really broke out this episode. he was hilarious. what. a. stud.

  9. Malkin and Andre the Giant

  10. Let’s go Rangers!

  11. Bunch of ugly fuckers on that Penguins team, especially if you count Crosby.
    Bad name for that team, because according to me girls, I thought real penguins were supposed to be cute.

  12. Scott Hartnell is without a doubt the ugliest person in the NHL. He’s a neanderthal.

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