Nats Manager Davey Johnson Says Team Can Fire Him if They Don’t Make Playoffs

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The Washington Nationals – the Yankees of the NL East, according to Bryce Harper – have their swag on high. Somewhere, 2007 J-Roll™ nods.

Speaking to a leggy blonde from CSN Washington, Nats manager Davey Johnson was supremely confident in talking about his team’s playoff chances: [CSN via Washington Post]

Will it be a failure if your team doesn’t make the playoffs?

"No question in my mind. And they can fire me."

Strong words?

"Yeah, we should make the playoffs. There’s not doubt in my mind."


No doubt at all, Davey?

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Still none?


Sure, it’s big talk for franchise that hasn’t had a winning record in six years. But, there’s no denying that Nats are going to be better– what with Stephen Strasburg returning, douchebag Bryce Harper potentially playing with the big club, Jayson Werth continuing to underachieve, and, um, Brad Lidge…

Anyway, they're confident. Are you worried?


  1. the thing with baseball is the best team rarely wins it all, so yes im a little concerned.

  2. Who’s that hot blonde interviewing him?

  3. ill be there for multiple games. I hope we shit ALL OVER THEM

  4. Kelli Johnson CSN Washington….

  5. Even if the Nats beat the Phillies, they can’t beat anyone else. or fill a stadium. Getting tired of the Nats BS, you are a JV squad- great potential but still not good yet, so shut up.

  6. You have to admit, their future is brighter than ours.
    Zimmerman, Stratsburg, Ramos, Zimmerman(n), Gio, Clippard, and Storen are all on the right side of 28. Espinosa and Desmond have room to improve, and are young enough (20’s) to have the time to do it. Rendon and Harper are waiting in the wings. Werth and Morse are older, but still productive.
    Meanwhile, our roster is all in its 30’s, and our farm system is bare. Sooner or later they will overtake us if everything remains as is. It is just a matter of when, not if.

  7. Nice tater tots on that reporter

  8. He soooo wants to be fired. He is practically daring them to pull the trigger.

  9. Spanish Jose: What future? They’re still the Team Formerly Known As The Crappy Montreal Expos, like Pittsburgh, the gNats will always fail because that’s how the universe works. Your children will be members of AARP long before Washington EVER becomes successful.

  10. Not gonna lie, we gotta stop being so arrogant on here Kyle, its bad karma….they think they are gonna/should make playoffs, leave them be….lets just go out, do work. I get a bit nervous with all of this confidence/arrogance chatter…..sets a bad vibe for the Phillies this year….I am excited, and think we will be strong, but again I am not gonna boast…

  11. i’d eat Kelli Johnson’s muffins anyday

  12. The worst thing about all the boasting is most of it’s coming from guys that didn’t know we had a Baseball Team in Philly before 2008.

  13. PhillyFlash, you sound just like a Mets fan from 2007.
    Read my post again genious, and tell me where I am factually incorrect.

  14. Better get that resume ready for 2013, Davey.

  15. Not to mention – It’s big talk coming from a franchise who’s been to the playoffs literally ONE time in history.

  16. They should just fire him now. NO WAY they even come close to the playoffs.

  17. Bryce Harper's Douchebag War Paint

    March 1, 2012 at 4:28 am

    How many times do you guys think that chick has seen J-Werth’s downstairs beard?

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