Roy Halladay Reporting For Duty… In His 1932 Ford


Pitchers and catchers officially report tomorrow. But, according to the Twitters, many have already reported and could be seen long-tossing this morning at the Carpenter Complex.

As for Roy Halladay… well, he’s probably already into the back half of his spring training. And, somewhere along the way, he picked up a new ride– a 1932 Ford (Roadster, I believe), according to NBC 10's John Clark, who tweeted the above picture.

I truly can’t imagine a more awesome sight driving around the Gulf Coast except if maybe Cliff Lee took his unicorn to the sunshine state.

UPDATE: Phillies beat reporter Matt Gelb got a picture of Roy leaving the complex…


Two more pics via Lesley Van Arsdall and Casey Kuhn are after the jump.

[Earlier this winter, Doc saved a naked man from an anaconda]







  1. Roy Fucking Halladay does what he wants

  2. that looks like it is in foul ball territory…is he paying someone to protect it?

  3. @magic I was thinking the same thing

  4. Only pitchers and catchers so probably no chance of foul balls,but that being said I hear he’s working on a new pitch but if you get a piece of it you can name it

  5. Cant help but notice the other cars in the lot. GodDAMN do baseball players make bank

  6. It’s good to be the king

  7. whose porche?

  8. Magic thats out passed left field passed the bar area. The field its parked next to is just a warmup field that the run and stretch on

  9. Is that dontrelles horse and buggy?

  10. no, i get the feeling that dontrelle’s driving the white focus

  11. Who owns the ginormous 3-row Ford truck in the background ?!

  12. who’s driving the focus?

  13. The Truck probably belongs to Chooch hahaha.

  14. Doc does whatever he fuckinh wants. I knew he was a gear head

  15. Would be awesome if Chooch came in the passenger seat.

  16. 1932 Ford. Like a Boss.

  17. Red necks love f 150s

  18. the giant truck belongs to contreras

  19. That lot’s next to one of the Carpenter Complex fields, at least a good 300 yards from Brighthouse.

  20. This just got me pumped for the Phils

  21. He should have had the Chooch pillow from the video game commercial in the passenger seat. That would’ve been classic.

  22. I think he’s Batman!

  23. Nice road headster!

  24. Somewhere, Dana Mecum is drooling over that badass ride.

  25. I want to smell it

  26. That actually is Daily News Staff Photog Yong Kim, not Matt Gelb.

  27. who is pushing the F650 i thought they got rid of that pitcher years ago

  28. Obviously we need to be paying him more to afford a vehicle from this century.

  29. Jerry, who is taking the picture of Yong Kim? Genius.

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