Rumor: Is Chase Utley Seeing The Doctor Who Performed Microfracture Surgery on Amare Stoudemire?


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Let's speculate.

Earlier, Phillies beat writer Todd Zolecki wrote that Chase Utley has been spotted in Phoenix this week, which hints at the location of the specialist he is seeing for his knee (I’m really good at deducing)*. As sports injury expert Will Carroll Tweets, it’s likely that, if Utley is in Phoenix, he is there seeing Dr. Thomas Carter, a doctor for the Phoenix Suns and a surgeon for the Cartilage Restoration Clinic of Arizona.


*I’ve been obsessively checking the interwebtuals and social networks for mentions of Chase anywhere, but no luck. Credit to Zolecki for figuring it out.

In 2005, Carter performed microfracture surgery on then-Sun Amare Stoudemire. That sort of surgery has been discussed as an option for Utley. Basically, Utley is lacking cartilage in his knees, causing grinding of bones, which is why even four months of rest seemingly did him little good. 

Microfracture surgery is the process of creating small fractures in the bone with the expectation that blood clots and scar tissue (cartilage) builds up to create a cushion which prevents bones from grinding.

Microfracture can be both good and bad. As CSN’s John Finger pointed out yesterday, it has a high-success rate (80%) and few lasting effects. The downside is that there’s a 20% chance new cartilage won't grow where it's needed (good at math…) … and it takes about a year to recover from. It’s a serious surgery, which is likely why the Eagles hid the fact that Brandon Graham had the procedure last year.

Anyway, this is all speculation for now, but it sounds like there’s a chance Utley is in Phoenix seeing the guy who performed microfracture surgery on Amare Stoudemire.


  1. 3 Finger Lenny

    March 22, 2012 at 3:11 pm

    pu$$y should be toughing it out and playing ball.

  2. Smell ya later, Utknee

  3. Cooked.

  4. see ya next year utley…..on the bright side it shouldn’t end his career and he could regain most of his form

  5. Why are the Phillies sooooo secretive with this crap. Then we start speculating and rarely get it right. The speculation is always worse than the truth, so why not just come out and say what it is??!!

  6. usually not good news for NBA and NFL players over the age of 30. Cant see it impacting a baseball player as much…that said, he’s done until next year if he gets the procedure.

  7. Why wouldn’t the Phillies be secretive about this?
    I agree that the secrecy being aggravating for fans, but the Phillies front office doesn’t answer to the fans.

  8. If this Utley character played for my team, we would never hide his injury, and he would be out there giving it his all until he was almost dead.
    Eric Lindros, Keith Primeau, Chris Pronger, now those are men, this guy is clearly a vag.

  9. da phillies downfall begins this season :(
    its like yoyoyyoyoyoyo we were good at baseball for a little but we will be the crappy team again soon.

  10. making the postseason this year will be a negative as well

  11. the cardinals won the WS last year without Wainwright so it’s not a death sentence

  12. Amare Stoudemire is a POS

  13. where do you get that idea Blonders? He decided not to get this surgury last year because it might not even help

  14. The Cardinals won last year without Wainwright, yeah, but they had multiple individuals step up who could swing the bat and make good contact consistently. That hasn’t been a strong suite on this team, consistently, since prior to the 09 World Series. Who else is going to step up here? Sure, Victorino decides to make outlandish claims about “leading the lead in triples” but who’s going to knock him in? A big move needs to be made, and hopefully none of our top 3 arms are sacrificed.

  15. Howard's Bud Mudd

    March 22, 2012 at 4:30 pm

    Wainright throws every 5 days, chief. Terrible comparison.

  16. Dr Carter is my knee doctor, best knee doctor in the country

  17. @MFR
    you love being miserable. we get it dude.

  18. Utley is a no talent pussy who needs to get back on the field… his toughness has faded like his batting average

  19. Thomas E Merschen

    March 22, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Utley’s best days are far behind. He should give up the whole “I love animals” act and hang with Vick.

  20. I’m thinking he’s working the injury settlement angle & looking to retire with his wife, new born & ugly pit bull to Cali. He’s lost that eye of the tiger

  21. I fart in Glen Macnow’s lunch on the reg.

  22. Im telling him bro

  23. Biggest blunder RAJ made this offseason was not signing Michael Cuddyer. Utley gets the surgery and sits out the year, Polanco slides over to second and Cuddyer plays third. Instead we signed a couple of third tier players in Wiggington and Nix. Season isn’t lost by any means, they still have great pitching and will be good defensively.

  24. 3 Finger Lenny

    March 23, 2012 at 9:51 am

    Great point James

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