Jeopardy Contestant Has No Idea Which Team Roy Halladay Plays For

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Jesus, the Phillies can’t even score with the Asians on Jeopardy.

A nice find here by Phillies beat writer Ryan Lawrence, who discovered his inner blogger when he grabbed this video from tonight’s show. 

When one contestant selected Potent Potables I’m Gonna Hurl for $400, he was greeted by the following answer:

In 2010 Roy Halladay of this team threw 2 no-hitters– one in the regular season & one in the postseason.


The question, of course, is Who are the Phillies?

Contestant Bing responded: Who are the Tigers?

Boooooong. I’m sorry, Bing. But that is incorrect.

It just goes to show you that all the book smarts in the world are not enough to make you aware of the best pitcher on the planet. 

Video after the jump.

via (@RyanLawrence21)


  1. i was SCREAMINGGGG at my television!!!!!!!!! hahaha could not believe that not one of them knew the answer! get with it people!!

  2. hopefully he throws a shutout every game now that the 1-run heroes can do no more as this point in time.

  3. They should have kept it going, it looked like the other two weren’t even going to come up with a guess.

  4. That’s a violation Bo.
    Lil ant Yo lil ant

  5. My box smells like flounder.

  6. The phils lineup has no shot against Josh Johnson Wed night

  7. Rob House - hockey expert

    April 9, 2012 at 10:00 pm

    Was it Chirp? Can’t think of anyone else dumb enough

  8. That contestant is a dumb fuck

  9. I can’t even . . .

  10. ThePhillyFlash

    April 10, 2012 at 4:57 am

    Eh, no big deal. Not everyone is a baseball fan.

  11. Bing always gives you the wrong results.

  12. Billbo Bandwagons

    April 10, 2012 at 9:08 am

    Can’t believe he didn’t know it was the PHILLIES. I mean WE did win the World Series in 08! Get a clue, world.

  13. Book smarts will get you a lot further in life than knowing the name of a pitcher.

  14. Really? book smarts will get you further? Funny, because I know a lot of book smarts, but I know more COMMON KNOWLEDGE than book smarts and I am doing just fine. GO SCREW!

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