Video: “EatDatPussy” Breaks Down The Eagles Game

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, our favorite YouTuber, returns for another year of intelligent Eagles commentary. And really, no analyst could do it better. He make sense like R. Diddy but talks like P. Diddy. Perfect.

Some excerpts:

How, in the fuck, do you throw four picks against the Cleveland Browns, ni$$a?

Shout-out to Juan Castillo. And I ain’t gonna lie, I was fucking criticizing the shit out of him yesterday, dog. I was sitting up there saying, ni$$a, our defense was gonna suck ass, ni$$a, and the offense was gonna have to pick us up. Ohhhh shit. Have you all see this game, man? That shit was totally reversed, ni$$a! The defense was fucking killin’. Offense sucks fucking ass, dude.

Marty Mornhinweg, whoever the fuck is calling those plays on the offensive side of the ball, how the fuck do you have a fucking monster that is LeSean McCoy, how do you have a fucking monster like that, a beast, even though he fumbled early on up in the game… how the fuck do you only run the ball 16 times?

Motherfucker, we barely beat the Cleveland Browns, what makes you think, ni$$a, we gonna be the fucking Ravens?

King Dunlap, who I think is a fucking bum, by the way.

Hop it for the video. This might be his best work yet. 


  1. It just got real as F— Ni$$a

  2. ESPN needs to hire this guy as an analyst.

  3. best was when his pops was calling him for dinner in the one video last year

  4. I love laughing at this dude…….. His fat ass needs to start eating some diet pussy.

  5. The Original that guy

    September 10, 2012 at 12:15 pm

    black trash.

  6. give this man a field pass

  7. looks like he put on more lbs this season

  8. Diabetes is a 12 point favorite

  9. This wasn’t funny or interesting last year

  10. love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Candy from the Oak

    September 10, 2012 at 12:40 pm

    Welfare has Skype

  12. and the over/under is 30

  13. A day without EatDatPussy and his words of wit after an Eagles game is like a day without sunshine. I’d rather listen to his commentary than most of the wooden talking heads on ESPN or NFL Network.

  14. I nominate him to replace E-roc and or Dave Spudaro… Immediately

  15. WOW!!! This guy is a clown!

  16. I wonder if he really likes eating pussy? Marshall Harris told me he hates eating pussy

  17. Put him btw Rendell and Didinger post game.

  18. Every single thing this guy said was true. We are gonna get FUCKED UP by Baltimore next weekend. Did you guys see what they did to Cincy? WE ARE FUCKED

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