Video: Michael Vick Talks About The Ladybug on His Arm

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The Eagles’ fourth quarter comeback win on Sunday may have had nothing to do with Michael Vick’s arm, play-calling, or the Browns being a terrible team. No, it may have all been because of… a ladybug

Wait, what?

ESPN debuted a new segment, called Sunday Soundtracks, which drops in on mic’d up players. Michael Vick and Shady McCoy kick things off with Vick talking about the ladybug on his arm pre-game.

Lots more from Vick, too. Watch it after the jump.

H/T to The School Philly


  1. I don’t care about Mike Vick’s lady bug but I would die to titty fuck Suzie Colber and Cum all over her beautiful smile. After I’m done with her mouth her teeth would look like they’re melting.

  2. doest it really matter?

    September 11, 2012 at 11:12 am

    how about investing in a tripod or something when you video tape your TV? just a thought….

  3. Aww Mr. Vick goes from killing dogs to being sensitive about lady bugs… How damned cute of him..

  4. Hope Ladybugs carry West Nile Virus.

  5. Vick was probably thinking about

  6. Must have been a stinkbug…

  7. Slightly ADD there Vick aren’t you…

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