No, Big Five Coaches, You May Not Send Prospective Student Athletes Instagram Photos

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Screen Shot 2012-10-11 at 1.28.19 PM Settle down, Khalif, you still can

As I wrote the other day, I truly don’t understand all the hype surrounding Instagram.

Neither does the NCAA.

This column, published by the corrupt organization, answered some commonly asked questions NCAA coaches may have about recruiting young, impressionable athletes (I’m assuming there’s a different version of this for John Calipari, one that says it’s OK to pay players, use World Wide Wes to hook them up with basketball stars and celebrities, and make class an optional distraction). This one stood out:

Question: May a coach take a photo and use software (e.g., Instagram, Photoshop, Camera Awesome, Camera+,) to enhance the content of the photo (e.g., changed color of photo to sepia tones or add content to the photograph), and send it to a prospective student-athlete as an attachment it to an email or direct social media message?

Answer: No, a photograph that has been altered or staged for a recruiting purpose cannot be sent to a prospective student-athlete.


Well, there goes the possibility of Fran Dunphy sending a potential 3-star recruit a hazy-hued cityscape from the corner of Broad and Cecil B. Moore. Sadstons.

via Athnet


  1. Grilled Cheesus

    October 11, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    Slow news day

  2. sean john-ulous

    October 11, 2012 at 2:04 pm

    Cheesus christ. should he write about the flyers & phillies playoff run instead? why bother commenting.
    Leaf is going to have a monster year doe.

  3. That shot at Temple was really necessary chief.

  4. Funny guy here with a shrew shot at temple. I hope that one day this blog develops into a legitament sports blog rather than article after article of shit nobody cares about and Kyle using it as an outlet to express his opinion, which again nobody gives a shit about.

  5. everyone that comments here is so salty anymore. we need hockey back. i like temple and found the comment hilarious, you wont like life if you can’t laugh at yourself.

  6. I’m scohked that I found this info so easily.

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