Back in July, it was a bit of a story when Michael Vick, while on a book tour for his autobiography, Finally Free, told Piers Morgan that he wanted to get a dog, for his kids. He said that the terms of his parole which prevented him from doing so were up.

As you might imagine, those stated intentions quickly made their way through a lightning fast news cycle, but have since been mostly forgotten.

Perhaps until now.

On Thursday night, Vick tweeted a picture (with the caption “we workin”) of himself studying film and his daughter seemingly doing homework. Vick smartly blurred out what was on his iPad, but he forgot to edit one aspect of the photo: the open box of Milk-Bones on the right side of the picture, next to his daughter’s dog folder. Hither:


Vick later deleted the Tweet… and then reposted it, only this time with the dog treats cropped out. Because it was a completely different picture (look at Vick’s screen). Hither:


Gah! Not that big of a deal– Vick is now allowed to own a dog. But I’m guessing that if in fact those Milk-Bones belong to a dog Vick owns – and judging by the fact that the box is open, I’d say they do – it won’t sit well with some people, and Vick probably would’ve liked to make it public in a slightly different manner. Say, by not accidentally tweeting a picture of Milk-Bones and being forced to recreate his kitchen table scene like it was part of a bad docudrama. Just a hunch.

H/T to our own Adam Reigner, a producer and host at WIP as well, for catching and saving the original photo.