Ryan Howard at Thanksgiving Day Parade


  1. Hey Candy, happy thanksgiving, dont put too much bird in your mouth today.

  2. Nose is a decent guy. I hope he has a few great seasons left in the tank.

  3. Nose is all class

  4. I hope Ryan Howard gets aids and dies. He is the scummiest pile of dog shit on this earth. I hope RHEA HUGHES squirts period blood directly into his mouth and fingers his sweaty, coarse, infected asshole. I hope she bites his acl in two with her mangled horse teeth and thoroughly urinates in his eye socket, but only after she pokes his fucking eye out slowly with a rusted dagger. Fuck him and eat my testcles.

  5. Fuck you Angelo

  6. lolzzzzzz love this smegma comment section. luv it.

  7. How much of a loser you are when you have to use a fake name(Angelo Cataldi) to hate on Ryan Howard
    Whoever you are seek help and if that doesn’t work do us all a favor and kill your self you miserable scumbag.

  8. Hey richard “the dick” shaw…How much of a loser are you to feed an obvious troll his thanksgiving dinner? Suck your sisters sweet cunt

  9. Angelo is good for the site

  10. Noses son should hangout with Danny Briere’s son

  11. Who wants me to sign this guy for 6 more years? Doesn’t matter, I’m already working on it 😉

  12. Why is Howard in a Thanksgiving parade when he should be in Clearwater working on his swing? Just a thought.

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