So That Trade for Wilton Lopez Looks Like it’s Not Happening

Well shit.

There were indications earlier today that the seemingly completed trade between the Phillies and Astros that would have brought Wilton Lopez to Philadelphia has hit a snag: Ken Rosenthal tweeted that other teams were in the mix for Lopez and Jim Salisbury speculated the holdup could have been because Lopez didn’t pass a physical, which he underwent in Philadelphia yesterday. 

Now Todd Zolecki has weighed in: []

Sources said today a trade that would have sent right-hander Wilton Lopez to Philadelphia for a pair of Minor League prospects had hit a roadblock and is unlikely to happen. Lopez, 29, had been in Philadelphia on Wednesday for a physical.

A deal had been agreed upon, pending Lopez passing his physical, but it appears both teams are going their separate ways. 


Lopez spent time last season on the DL with elbow problems, so the working theory is that the Phils saw something they didn’t like during his physical (though Lopez finished the season strong).

This hurts. Ruben Amaro had seemingly finally pulled of a nice, somewhat under-the-radar roster rounding out move. A setup man isn’t flashy, but he's effective and important (hey, Chad Qualls, you horse-toothed jackass). Now it looks like it’s not happening, and that disappoints me.

In other news: The Phillies reportedly only offered B.J. Upton five years, $55 million. Nice restraint shown not to go to 75, which the Braves did.


  1. Talbot's Fucking Penis

    November 29, 2012 at 3:30 pm

    I think they wanted Cloyd, and you don’t trade a potential starter for a 29 year old reliever…unless he’s a top end reliever

  2. good for Rubes for not pulling a Bynum

  3. typical

  4. Chase's greasy mop

    November 29, 2012 at 3:37 pm

    AHHHH, lets all panic because this trade fell through compounded with the fact that BJ Upton signed in Atlanta. Lets all sign a petition DEMANDING that RAJ sign Josh Hamilton to some giant inflated contract that will further kill this franchise. Nothing like having your 3-4-5 hitters all being aging lefties (even if one of them does hit in the .270s against left handed pitching).
    Seriously though, I am normally a Rube hater, but that was a solid offer to BJ and I am impressed that he didnt get caught up in the moment, bid up, and land another bad contract.

  5. Cloyd blows. You trade him for any bonafide roster player before the rest of the league realizes he doesn’t have the potential to be anything more than a 5th starter on a crappy team.

  6. Does restraint get us another parade ? No. Who the fucks cares. Not my money, spend as much as you can reuben !

  7. I’m with Damien. Cloyds are dime a dozen. If you can flip him for someone, anyone, who can be a contributor to this club, make it happen.

  8. Wilkes-BarreNeedsWawa

    November 29, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    Why does this offseason already have the makings of the Flyers offseason?

  9. umm who’s on third?

  10. Can’t say I’m disappointed. If Lopez was damaged goods, this might’ve wound up being a repeat performance of Andrew Bynum. As for the proposed deal for Upton, that would’ve been good to me, but hey, if the Braves wanted to throw silly money at him, have at it, boys!

  11. good thinking retard

    November 29, 2012 at 4:29 pm

    mac is a retard

  12. ThePhanatic'sShnoz

    November 29, 2012 at 4:32 pm

    Josh Hamilton will be a Phillie by Sunday. Count it.

  13. Rube is a jew pussy

  14. These wet backs are killing the phils

  15. Alright retards… What the fuck do you get by rueben NOT giving BJ upton the money he wanted? Is the ownership group paying your mortgage with the money they’ll save by grabbing a bargain centerfielder ? Are you worried one of the owners wont be able to afford a new ferrari because they have to pay luxury tax? You armchair GMs think you sound so smart talking about contract this, contract that. Like its your money.

  16. hey mac shut the fuck up. most fans don’t want their teams to make poor spending decisions because it tends to have a negative effect on the future of the franchise when they begin to pile up. so shut your mouth take a knee and learn what’s up bitch.

  17. Mac is the guy who drops his daughters off to public school in a loaded Hummer and then wonders why they become strippers.

  18. Mac is my hero

  19. You fellas who are arguing, may I suggest a pie eating contest to settle your queer differences?

  20. realf unny teamozzy go back to school

  21. Can this year get any worse for Philly sports?

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