Play Our FREE One-Week Only NFL Fantasy League, Win From $300 Cash Prize Pool

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Hey, let’s make football mean something again!

Play in our FREE one-week only fantasy football league courtesy of our friends at Draft Street. Use $100k to pick your squad and compete against me and other CB readers only to win from a $300 cash prize pool. No bullshit. No gimmicks. Just a one-week only fantasy football league so you can win some money.

Here’s all you need to do:

1) Pick your team for games on Sunday and Monday only.

2) Follow along (or don’t).

3) Check back to see if you’ve one a nice last minute Christmas present.

Payouts are as follows:

1st: $100

2nd: $60

3rd: $30

4th: $20

5th: $15

6th: $15

7th-9th: $10

10th-15th: $5


Click here to pick your team. Takes two seconds.


  1. Stick these ads up your twat

  2. How do you win $300 if the max payout is $100…….

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