St. Joe’s Player Gives Villanova Students the Finger, Blows Game, Villanova Wins

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Admitting that I won’t be able to write this post with even a shred of bipartisanship (V FOR VILLANOVA, V FOR… hold up, it’s coming), I’ll just give you the facts about St. Joe's Halil Kanacevic, who gave Villanova students the finger last night and then imploded down the stretch, paving the way for a Villanova victory

With a little under 10 minutes left, Kana… kana… kanaigetaonefingersalute (!) made a three-pointer, raised his hands, and then dangled his middle fingers toward the Villanova student section.

Down the stretch, the St. Joe's forward from Staten Island further imploded. I like the way Dick Jerardi tells it in the Daily News (for which you’ll soon have to pay to read online, which won’t work): 

The Wildcats had scored on more than two consecutive possessions just once all game, right at the end of the first half when they scored on three. If the Hawks had just played sound defense, it was going to be a hard game to lose.

Kanacevic fouled Bell 25 feet from the basket. Bell calmly made a pair. Kanacevic threw a backdoor pass to Galloway into a very tight window. Bell stole it. After a Daniel Ochefu follow basket, Kanacevic was fouled with 45.8 seconds left. Shooting into that student section, now completely crazed, he missed a pair.

Bell hit a three from the left corner. After an ugly SJU possession, the Hawks ended up with the ball on the sideline in the deep right corner with 3 seconds left, trailing by two points, without a timeout. Nobody was open. Kanacevic, fearful of a 5-second call, threw it off Mo Sutton. The ball caromed over the sideline, hitting Kanacevic. Turnover. Bell two free throws. Game over.


For more, including post-game interviews and all that jazz, check out Jerardi’s recap, or Aaron Bracy’s on, or CSN Philly. And I’ll just continue to pretend that Villanova didn’t play La Salle or Temple this year. 



  1. That’s what you get when you represent a Catholic school and act like a classless fuck.

  2. Christina Lurie's Twat

    December 12, 2012 at 9:12 am

    He can stick those middle fingers in me anytime.

  3. Jay Wright must have fucked his girlfriend

  4. Who cares, Villanova is irrelevant these days

  5. Candy from the Oak

    December 12, 2012 at 9:38 am

    I was at the game before drinkers quizzo he was asking coach wright if he fingered the soccer freshman in the ass n puss like that

  6. I must have missed your re-cap of the Temple/Villanova game.

  7. I’d rather watch a re-run of saved by the bell college years than watch a nova game.
    It’s diet basketball

  8. This is legitimately the most exciting thing to happen in Philly college basketball in recent memory

  9. RollieFingersWingMan

    December 12, 2012 at 10:37 am

    @Gray: This blog doesn’t recap every game. It’s a story because it’s not everyday that a player from a Catholic school gives 2 middle fingers to a student section with 9 minutes in the game and then goes on to miss 2 crucial free throws at the end. That’s why it’s a story. No doubt that Temple is the best team in the Big 5 this year.

  10. Halil Kanacevic. I’m gonna take a wild guess and say this kid isn’t from South Philly or da ‘hood, so he probably thought that flipping the bird was commonplace. Or he just plain had himself a meltdown.

  11. I’d rather drink bleach and use a cactus dildo than go to Villanofun. At least I know I’m going further in life than running a sports blog with my $120,000 education.

  12. Or Columbia for that matter

  13. The hawk is dead

    December 12, 2012 at 3:36 pm

    His game collapsed faster than his Staten Island home during Sandy.

  14. The out of bounds play was the wrong call it was off the nova player. St Joes is still the best team in the big 5 by far. Temple and La Salle will get their asses kicked in February

  15. Kyle Scott's Left Ovary

    December 13, 2012 at 6:44 am

    Yaaaaaay go nova! St joes stinks like poop!

  16. 1) Nova fans are racist dicks and had it coming
    2) Temple smashed that ass

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