UniDiction 2012 – Week 14 – Eagles vs. Buccaneers


Ugh. The Eagles. At least they're playing against the Buccaneers, owners of the best modern uniform in the NFL. Also, look for the Eagles in their all-white combination, the best of their looks in their current uniform set.

BildeWeek 13 had two notable uniform stories. The Seahawks debuted their white over white uniform. They had previously paired their white jersey with their blue pants and grey pants. Another good look in a uniform set which has grown on me since it's debut, even though the grey pants look almost identical to the white pants (2nd image = grey pants, 5th = white pants), as I predicted in April when grey uniform elements were first shown. Also, the Rams wore their always-welcome "greatest show on turf"-era throwbacks.




Your Eagles – Buccaneers UniDiction is after the jump.



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