Video: Sheena Parveen Singing “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

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It turns out, Sheena Parveen can sing, as seen here doing her best Zooey Deschanel impression by singing Baby, It’s Cold Outside with Tony Bruno and Jon Marks on 97.5 The Fanatic.

Yeah, you should probably watch it after the jump.

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video courtesy 97.5 The Fanatic



  2. Can we have some sports news please Kyle. Or only ads and fake wrestling?

  3. Who gives a rat’s ass about this talentless broad?

  4. I would love to make sheena’s pussy rain

  5. Am I the only one who thinks this chick is way overrated? Yeah, she’s good looking, but calm the F down already. I wonder what she looks like without all the makeup painted on her face. I don’t need to hear about her every 10 minutes from creepy Bruno. If I wanted to hear a creepy old man oogle over 22 year old broads, I’d listen to Angelo and his wingette sluts.

  6. seen her in person. thin waist nice butt.

  7. Hey, I can sing too. Can I be on Tony Bruno’s show now? huh? can I?

  8. Love 97.5 and Bruno… Actually, thank god for that radio staion… the other one in town went downhill 5 years ago..
    BTW, that song “baby its cold outside”… read the lyrics… its the official date rape christmas song..

  9. Christina Lurie's Left Tit

    December 18, 2012 at 1:56 pm

    She’s got nothing I don’t.

  10. She makes my penis cry

  11. Jon Marks' crossed eye

    December 18, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Damn I want her

  12. Michelle Jenneke or Sheena Parveen(YOUR THOUGHTS)

  13. I lasted 32 seconds – which is about how long I’d last in her
    that was not singing
    – her 15 minutes are up

  14. She doesn’t have a particularly good voice. This was just really dull just like almost all sports talk radio.

  15. I’d lick her butt

  16. I’d rather watch kacie McDonald. I’d lick her butt & pussy

  17. I wish that she was a guy and would fart in my mouth, if you know what i mean…..

  18. I would shoot my man goo all over her face

  19. I’d let her Jingle my Bells, if you know what I mean I’d fill up her stocking, if you know what I’m getting at.
    I’d let her hold my Candy Cane, if you catch my drift.
    I’d give her my D!ck In A Box, if you’re picking up what i’m putting down.

  20. All I want for Christmas is her ass on my face.

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  22. I want her to pee in my mouth. I would ejaculate in her anus.

  23. She has a great voice, she is also pretty cute too

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