So here’s what we know about what will likely be Andy Reid’s firing: The NovaCare Complex will open to reporters at 11 a.m., and it’s assumed that there will be a press conference at noon. No different than usual.

Multiple reports yesterday – from Reuben Frank, Tim McManus, Adam Schefter – said that Reid had already been told by Jeffrey Lurie that he would be let go today. But on NBC Philadelphia’s Sports Final last night, Vai Sikahema said that he received a text from Reid that said no decision had been made.

It would be shocking if Reid wasn’t fired today or at some point in the near future. Doing it, like, now would mean significantly less media coverage, since tomorrow is a holiday and most of the western world checks out at about noon today. But, Reid is Lurie’s guy, and there’s always a chance that Lurie will take time to think things over.

That’s what we know. We’ll update this post until there is a press conference.

UPDATEIt's official: press conference at noon.

UPDATE 2: CSN (where some staffers were told two weeks ago that they couldn't take today off) will air live coverage beginning at 11:30.