Did YOU Spot Andrew Bynum Getting His Ferrari Towed on Saturday?

image from mobilwi.typepad.com
The vehicle in question

It all started with this Tweet from reader Sean, who heard from a friend of a friend that Bynum got his car towed this weekend. 


Turns out, he did. This calls for a Storify.

[give it a second to load]



  1. What a shame. His Ferrari got towed. Cry me a friggin river.

  2. Kyle Scott's Nipple

    January 24, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    OMG! What a scoop!

  3. I was at the ppa with him on Saturday-I got my car towed too. I asked him if he wanted to take my Kia home and I would take his whip-he said No!

  4. I hate this guy more and more

  5. What a nig

  6. Candy from the Oak

    January 24, 2013 at 7:02 pm

    Blacks don’t believe in insurance or registration

  7. Chance- Vice President of the GnA Falcons

    January 24, 2013 at 7:05 pm

    African Americans never hold doors for people & always walk at a snails pace

  8. Beer Heaven sells the fancy stuff. Bynum has good taste.

  9. For having a bum knee, this fat ass is really getting around. I’m really sick of hearing about this 7 foot racist piece of shit.

  10. $ for nothing & chicks for free

  11. I’m the “Linda” who sent his the tweet. I believe his car was towed because he was stopped without insurance, BUT I wanted to address those who commented about the fact that he didn’t have insurance or why. His car was registered in California, and its not a requirement to have insurance in that state if you own your car.

  12. Such an awesome scoop. The mans car got towed….enthralling. I can’t wait for kyles next article that somehow finds a way to bash Bryz for last nights win. Awesome stuff Kyle. You really put a lot of thought into your work, don’t you?

  13. “In other earth shattering news, I just took a dump. Back to you Kyle…”

  14. This blog has become unreadable.

  15. I’m still trying to figure out how someone as tall as Bynum actually manages to fit into a Ferrari.

  16. The insurance liability law was updated in 2006 in California, it’s called evidence of financial responsibility now aka insurance. Furthermore, Bynum isn’t in California now is he? That man child likes to work the systemsssssss.

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