Gus Bradley is on His Way to Jacksonville

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Ms. CB and I (mostly Ms. CB) DVRed The Bachelor on Monday, and we watched it last night. [I’m rooting for the skinny brunette and the girl with one arm. Seriously.] I’ve always thought that it must be difficult for someone to be whisked away on a private jet for a romantic evening with the person of their dreams only to later return to the most well-lit mansion ever as other options are presented to their potential suitor. It must drive a person crazy.

And now we know what it feels like.

Not that Gus Bradley is the coach we’ve always wanted… but he’s a coach, and he was flown to beautiful Northeast Airport aboard a twin-jet Cessna Citation yesterday, reportedly to finalize a deal with the Eagles. Bradley and Jeffrey Lurie met into the night at Lurie’s house, but there was no deal. No smoke signal. No rose. No coach. Instead, Chris Harrison creeped us out and Bradley is on his way to Jacksonville to meet with the Jaguars, according to Adam Schefter.

It would appear the Jags sent a plane for Bradley, too. A Flightstar Learjet:

Screen Shot 2013-01-16 at 8.31.56 AM

all-star CB reader Dominic point out that Jaguars owner Shahid Kahn owns Flightstar

So, the Gus Bus has left the building, perhaps never to return. 

How would you like your steak, sir? Whisenhunt… wit?


  1. Christina Lurie's Left Tit

    January 16, 2013 at 8:45 am

    I didn’t let him cop a feel… This one’s on me, gang.

  2. Alright, I was the last defender of the Three Stooges under the assumption that they were playing a typical Eagles smarter-than-you game while waiting to hire Bradley or McCoy or one of the Packers assistants, but now we can pretty much declare it official: this is a circus.

  3. They’re gonna fuck this whole thing up. Then in the coming years, as the new head coach louses everything up, making bad decision after bad decision, The “Philly fans” will get the blame for running Andy Reid out of town after fourteen years. They’ll say “See, we told you. Careful what you wish for!”

  4. Nobody “WANTS” to come coach for the Eagles because in the football world Lurie has cooties, and Roseman has a slew of Venereal diseases.

  5. the wiz

  6. Letting Bradley leave town, for Jacksonville of all places, was flat out unconsciable, not to mention four-alarm stupid as hell! That absolutely should NOT have happened! And if Jeff Lurie winds up giving the job to Ken Whisenhunt after this lengthy, moronic search, the fanbase will go nuclear.

  7. Angelo Cataldo wanna be

    January 16, 2013 at 9:00 am

    who want to work for that cock sucking Jew Roseman? Nobody!!!!

  8. If he picks the fucking JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS over the Eagles then it just shows the sad state that this team has come to.
    If they hire Wisenhunt then they might as well have kept Andy Reid.
    Everyone hates Roseman and this looks like it could be disastrous.

  9. Jeff & Howie must have got creepy last night

  10. call me crazy, but couldn’t the guy just be a man of his word… and want to take his interviews and make a decision ? If this guy goes to Jacksonville over the eagles.. it is his own dumb fault.
    I don’t get at all how this means that they are “still searching”

  11. I’m bummed and pissed. I’m confident Jacksonville won’t offer him the job. Somebody needs to seriously question Lurie and find out what happened. Why isn’t Gus Bradley our coach?

  12. I’m with FACE. If he picks the stinkin’ Jag-off’s over Philly? We’ll then, we’re fucked.

  13. Maybe Babin will pick him up in his sweet Jeep? That could seal the deal right there. Boom!

  14. Howie & Jeff are 2 Jew losers

  15. I’d like to see EDP as “The Bachelor” w/ a bunch of trashbag porn stars competing for his affection & he hands them his bacon heart attack chili cheese fries to select them.

  16. it’s been said a few times, but if he was their guy and they couldn’t get him to sign on without checking Jax out…then WOW!
    it doesn’t bother me though, because i resigned to the fact that they will continue to suck until Rosenblumbergman is gone too a while ago. The problem extends past Reid (and Vick) thats for damn sure.
    aaaahhhhh, 27 days till pitchers and catchers! oh sh!t…that might be another brutal season…well there is always whisky!

  17. Bunch of whining pussies. Youtube introduced Gus Bradley to most of you just yesterday. Now the guy wants to listen to what JAX has to say and you react as if the sky is falling and the Eagles let the dream coach slip away. Maybe it’s Vic Fangio or Greg Roman they really want? As Roob Frank pointed out yesterday, 24 of the last 36 head coaches hired in the past few years were after 1/15. Chill the fuck out.

  18. Will: While Mike McCoy was my favorite to replace Andy Reid, I first heard about Gus Bradley two months ago, but that’s neither here nor there. I suspect the reason there’s so much angst around here is because no one thinks Lurie and Roseman knows what the hell they’re doing, and the longer this search continues, the more that belief is strengthened. Me? I’m of the opinion those two have been stumbling around in the dark ever since Chip Kelly turned them down to stay at Oregon and they never had a firm Plan B to fall back on. Maybe Jeff and Howie will prove us all wrong and surprise everyone with a great hire that no one saw coming, but I’m doubtful.

  19. the bachelor? you fag.

  20. shut up Will

  21. Worley's Hot Piece of Ass

    January 16, 2013 at 11:54 am

    hey will, go fuck your mom, you asshole

  22. Chip Kelly?!?!?!

  23. Thanks PhillyFlash and Taggart, and Worley.
    You guys might want to click refresh on your google page.

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