Report: Flyers Will Play the Sabres in Buffalo Next Sunday, Also on NBC

Details of the Flyers’ schedule are being released like the peeling of a stale orange– one tiny piece at a time.

Yesterday, confirmation from CSN that the Flyers will host Shittsburgh next Saturday at 3 p.m., likely on NBC. Today, a report from John Vogl of Buffalo News that the Flyers will play the Sabres next Sunday at 12:30, in Buffalo, also on NBC. 

Dems da perks of your team being owned by the same company that owns the TV network.

Expect a full schedule to be released later today or tomorrow… which is great, because at this rate we wouldn't know the full slate until sometime in March.

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  2. I’d rather watch the Nfl playoffs

  3. Brayden and Luke PitkaSchenn will get lost on the way to the rink.

  4. have they even started practicing together yet?
    gonna be some sloppppppy hockey

  5. Imagine all the injuries this year. Jeesh

  6. agreed alex. a 3p.m game played only to hop on a plane to go play a game the next day at noon. while the flyers and the NFL have played 24-hour turnarounds in the past, you have to assume the schedule will call for a lot more of them this year and they will also be played in a much shorter time span. so, i believe youre right in that we will see a lot of injuries this season with the condensed play.

  7. Anyone know if Jan 19th tickets to the Flames will be honored at the yinzer game?

  8. No. Flyers emailing sth’s their tix to the first four games. All tix will be re-issued, our current tic books make good fire-starters.

  9. Fuck yous

  10. Godfather Locks Owner

    January 11, 2013 at 2:43 pm

    Hi Kyle
    How do I request a refund for the $2k per month I am paying you to advertise on this copy and paste site?

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