Susie Celek Made Out with a WIP Intern This Morning

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Fellow Great Sports Debater Susie Celek, the ex-wife of Brent Celek – a very important detail here – made out with Jimmy, a WIP intern, today as part of a Morning Show stunt to recreate the Go Daddy kiss commercial. 

You can watch the (dare I say sexy) video after the jump. Or, fellas, stop by Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly tonight at 7 p.m., when the very single Susie will be filming GSD along with myself, Glen Macnow, Al Morganti, Rhea Hughes and Julie Dorenbos.

Oh, and which kiss was better– Bar Refaeli’s or Susie’s? You be the judge… after the jump.


  1. Not knowing that she and Brent are divorced, when I heard about this earlier I thought it was as disturbing as the billboard on 95 North. But since she’s single, so whatever.
    Honest question, why is the ex wife of a Philly athlete considered a local sports pundit and on that GSD show anyway?

  2. video doesn’t fucking load.
    thought i’d do the rest of this site’s falling readership a benefit since the comments are all fucked now
    it took me forever to log-in to write this shit message
    fix the video… fuck

  3. I wish you could edit your comments like you can on facebook. I can’t fix my typos after the fact…outrage!

  4. They should have Susie Celek make out with Rhea, that would have been waaaaayyyyy more disgusting.

  5. she so funny. suzie is a legend.

  6. Divorced or not this was in very poor taste imo.Brent Celek still plays and lives here. Dont know what the upside for Suzie Celek is? All negative for her. Comes off looking like a pathetic cougar and kind of disgraces Brent Celek in the process.
    If she is dumb enough to get manipulated by Uncle Creepo then its no wonder brent/Suzie got divorced. My advice stay far away from Cataldi.

  7. Kyle, delete the comment above from LtMichaels like you did mine. This is a G rated comment board now.

  8. what a whore, I can see why brent kicked her to the curb

  9. So the “great sports debate” has an ex-wife of a football player, the current wife of a long snapper, and a blogger who copies and pastes all day??? Wow, how riveting!
    If a show is broadcast, and no one watches it, is it really broadcast? GSD can surely answer this question.

  10. Sex will always sell. its a primitive response. Todays society allows for quickie divorces, cougars, Milfs, Mancaves,Girls Night Out, etc etc.
    Today there’s a Coliseum in every city. Our sports heroes are the gladiators now.
    Same as it ever was…..which way to the vomitorium ?

  11. Why doesn’t this slut drop the Celek name?

  12. She tried to fuck every waiter she encountered, no wonder she’s making this fuckin’ disrace ginger’s pecker so hard. Celek couldn’t keep up with the rate her pussy swelled.
    Cataldi skinning his dick the whole time too.
    But yeah, I’d let this cunt suck the shit from my asshole.

  13. I quess Brent learned his lesson. tried to marry a girl he thought was a good girl with less than average looks and end up geting a whore. should have married a hot stripper at least if she turned out to be a slut she would be HOT!!! not a 3.
    Watch out RG3 you will be next cause your wife is busted too.

  14. Yes poor taste on her part and the radio station part. No respect for herself or her ex husband. However, she kissed a young boy and the way the DJ acted you would have thought she slept with him right there in the studio. Besides that boy didn’t seem to act like it was that great. Guys please use better language kids read these type of things. Using language like that only shows your IQ.

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