Audio: Ryan Howard on “Mike and Mike”


  1. The Big Piece of Crap

    April 4, 2013 at 12:07 pm

    Game on the line & Howard at bat? Bring in a lefty reliever – .173 avg against for the $25 million “Big Piece”.

    Can’t hit left handed pitching & can’t figure out how to beat the shift.

    I’d say trade him, but there’s not a single team that would take his contract.

    He is essentially an automatic out when the opposing team brings in a lefty – Cholly needs to pinch hit Mayberry who is a career .285 hitter vs LHP.

    Queue the Howard fanboys who will tell me I’m wrong & Howard’s great b/c he’ll drive in 100 runs.

  2. Hows come the top story never has a heading? It looks like shit Kyle. Clean it up!

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