UPDATE! WHO DID IT? Woman Took One in the Eye From Either a Flyers or Penguins Fan

Hearing the victim was not Princess Sasss

A fist.

According to Centre Daily, that website you may have heard of during the whole Jerry Sandusky thing, a 23-year-old woman had a pretty typical Saturday night in the happy valley… until the end: she got herself gussied up, went to the bar, found a 5’9″ guy unappealing… and then took a direct hit in the eye:

Police said two men were arguing about the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers around 11:08 and when the woman interjected her opinion, one of the men punched her in the eye.

She described the unknown man as college-age, 5 feet 9 inches tall with brown eyes. Police will follow-up with bar staff and watch surveillance video to find out what happened.

Two men arguing about the Penguins and Flyers is basically a certificate program at Penn State. But, usually, those arguments don’t end with a woman being punched. And based on what I know about people from Pittsburgh, it was the Penguins fan. That just seems like something they would do. Bitch had it coming type thing. But if it was a Flyers fan… well, we know what that headline will look like.

I’ll keep an eye on this story for you.

UPDATE: Reader Brian checks in and claims he was there. And he claims the puncher was, in fact, a Flyers fan:

Anyway this happened at the Skeller on Saturday and involved this girl and some random dude.  Sadly this is where I have to admit that the guy was a flyers fan and it was about hockey.  We have been drinking non stop since 9am and this happened around 10pm.  I over heard them yelling about hockey and both trying to provoke each other.  Our friend pushed the guy and scratched/pulled his hair him first.  Before anyone could react to stop her the dude swung and punched her straight in the face with both of them falling the ground.  It took the bouncers all of 5 seconds to jump in and throw the guy out.  From my understanding they already have the guys information because she is pressing charges.  I don’t condone ever hitting a girl for any reason, but she really did a good job pissing off a drunk flyers fan.

OK, so we can now just pretend this didn’t happen.


  1. Possible future headline:

    Flyers fan punches girl over dispute about Penguins.


    Flyers fan antagonizes Penguins fan until fight breaks out: Uses woman as human shield.


    • i graduated from penn state in 2000 and had quite a number of experiences/run ins with the pittsburgh fan base. they too have a small contingency of fans who are obnoxious and crude, but they will never admit such. my favorite experience with the pittsburgh fan base came during my last semester. i was bartending the night of the famous 5 OT game. all the pens fans were convinced the pens would be taking a 3-1 series lead and ran their mouths the whole time at us flyers fans. my shift began at the start of the game and we were just about closing when keith primeau slapped it by tugnutt in the 5th overtime. there was no better feeling than to see all those shittsbugh fans, stand up, and walk out the door with their tails between their legs.

      • April., 2001-I’ll never forget spitting on some fat fuck pens fan at sports cafe. he was being all fat & obnoxious when the pens were up 4-1.
        flyers came back from 4 down to beat the pens with a couple goals from leclair

        • haha, the sports cafe. formerly the sportscenter until ESPN threatened to sue them! ha! i remember we would drink down stairs at the sports cafe. there were beer coolers at the top of the steps and we could go up and take beers from them and drink them downstairs.

  2. Penguins fan: Story goes away, nobody gives a rat’s ass.

    Flyers fan: Story goes viral, Congress demands investigation.

  3. Candy from the Oak

    April 22, 2013 at 11:13 am

    She was probably a fat slob and the flyers fan punched her cause she looked or actually was from Delco

  4. Regardless of who hit the girl, this will be spun to make Phila fans look bad.

  5. Where has Princess Sass gone? Twitter account gone?

  6. The Penn State shit gets old, Kyle. Unless it’s about Scott Pa. That never gets old…

  7. I have a feeling jean shorts and someone from delco was involved

  8. She probably asked for it with her mouthing off.

  9. Penguins Fan Who Goes to Temple

    April 22, 2013 at 11:29 am

    Penn State students & Flyers fans have zero class. This act of assaulting fans of other teams is getting old.

    Oh yeah when was the last time the flyers won the cup?? Your terrible owner is still stuck in the 70’s & doesn’t know how to evolve with the game. I kind of feel bad for flyers fans

    • “Penn State students & Flyers fans have zero class.”

      Generalizations are fun. There are bad fans of every team. I’d say 80% of the students at Happy Valley are Pens fans, so congrats on calling a good contingent of your fan base classless. Well done.


  10. Let’s not be ignorant here…it doesn’t matter who did it. Both franchises have some fans who are pathetic scum that do not represent their fan-base as a whole.

  11. Last i read online Princesss_Sass was in pretty bad shape. She had a brain tumor and had emergency surgey several months ago. She stopped blogging around the first of the year right when hockey came back.


  12. There’s absolutely no doubt it was the Flyers fan. Typical POS philadelphia fan, trying to defend why the Flyers are so much better then the Penguins. Except that the flyers didn’t even make the playoffs and the Penguins have won stanley cups since the Nixon Administration.

    Just a guess though….

  13. Flyers fan who goes to holy family

    April 22, 2013 at 11:53 am

    i agree with the pens temple fan about his Ed Snider opinion

  14. Delco kids are at Penn State? I thought they went to Bloomsburg?

  15. I would love to fuck the chick in that picture

  16. a man, 5’9. that is cute

  17. I was there….she was acting stupid and asked what Irish Sunglasses were and the Pens fan punched her and handed her a mirror.

    OK I wasnt but this sounds like it would have happened

  18. wait, this guy Brian was drinking from 9 AM to 10 PM and he REMEMBERS what went down? Color me skeptical.

  19. Embarrassed Flyers Fan

    April 22, 2013 at 12:34 pm

    I thought Flyers fans only punched soldiers and off duty police officers? When did we start punching women…well besides Sidney Crosby.

    That comment above about the terrible owner still being stuck in the 70’s was great, and mostly true. Problem is that I don’t want to give said person too much credit because of how dumb the first paragraph was regarding Penn State students and Flyers fans. That’s kinda like saying Temple students and Penguins fans.

  20. Bottom line… good.

  21. Oh the Humanity

    April 22, 2013 at 1:12 pm

    Penn State makes Temple fans so insecure. Its okay little buddy I root for you guys all the time.

  22. people still think Penn State is good? that’s cute, good luck against the SEC. Also comparing it to Temple? Okay that’s like comparing a baseball team with a $200 million dollar payroll and a team with $40 million. Money does buy happiness, but Penn State doesn’t win.


  23. That was my daughter that got punched by some pussy. Flyer fan or not, he can thank god I wasn’t there to see it. Or there would have been a different outcome. When our attorney is done with this kid he will wish he was never there. Oh, and by the way hes hiding and won’t come forward to accept his punishment. What a man!

    • let me start by saying that no one should ever place their hands on someone during a verbal conflict, much less a male using physical force on a female. however, if you are truly her father, i have to ask you then…….what did your daughter hope to gain or accomplish by engaging in an alcohol-fueled dispute with a very intoxicated person? again, i do not condone what he did and it sounds like he is due for just punishment, but your daughter had to know that nothing productive would come from that situation.

  24. Penn State=Child Rape

  25. All you moron, white trash Flyers fans who keep puffing your chests out about the Penguins might want to take a look at the trophy case. Keep kissing Mr. Snider’s ass while he serves you a shit sandwich year after year you worthless cunts.

  26. Taylor is taller then 5’9”. Kyle, you need to admit to your obvious, and blatent crush on her. It’s bad. Just come to grips with the fact that you are in love with a Pens fan, admit defeat, and move on.

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