Jeff Carter’s Face, and a Check on Other Former Flyers in the Playoffs

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How are former Flyers do in the Stanley Cup playoffs? Pretty well!

Stanley Cup champion Jeff Carter is the Kings’ leading playoff scorer with six goals and five assists. He has figured in three of their last four goals (one goal, two assists) and is now sporting a horrific playoff face after taking a stick to the grill from Duncan Keith— Carts needed more than 20 stitches, and has two chipped teeth and one cracked tooth.

Stanley Cup champion Mike Richards has missed the last two games with what is suspected to be a concussion. But he remains third on the Kings in scoring with two goals and eight assists. He will probably be a game-time decision for Game 4.

Superstar Jaromir Jagr has seven assists in the playoffs for the Bruins including this outstanding play to strip Evgeni Malkin on the game-winner in double OT last night:

Two-time Stanley Cup champion Justin Williams is fourth on the Kings in scoring and leads the team with 49 shots.

Stanley Cup champion Patrick Sharp leads the Blackhawks in scoring with eight goals and six assists.

Others: Michael Handzus has eight points, Dennis Seidenberg played 40 minutes in a double OT win last night, and Dan Carcillo and Mark Eaton exist.

Here, I created lines:

Line 1


Line 2




Healthy scratch


Not bad.

Recent notables not in playoffs: Sergei Bobrovsky is about to win the Vezina and get a boatload of money and James van Riemsdyk is playing a blogger and mayoral candidate in street hockey.


  1. This is the darkest timeline…

  2. Fuck em!

  3. 3 Finger Lenny

    June 6, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I love puss

  4. ThePhillyFlash

    June 6, 2013 at 10:51 am

    I guess Carts won’t be attracting any bitches down at the Jersey shore now that he looks like Mick Foley from the WWE. Hell, I suppose even Kyle’s probably lost interest.

  5. Candy from the Oak

    June 6, 2013 at 10:53 am

    Carts will be using his fingers a lot more then his tongue for a while,

  6. I like Jagr and would love for him to come back to the Flyers next year with a 1-year deal, but is he really still a “superstar?” I dunno about that.

  7. Thank you for reminding me of how fucking stupid Homie is. Thank God we can’t blame losing Sharp too or he might be on a stake burning right now in Fishtown.

    • Stupid me actually thought that the Bullies legacy would die when they demolished the Spectrum. However, much like the rats, it just moved to the new building.

      The Bullies must die for the Flyers to live.

  8. Jagr got away with a blatant hook on Malkin on that “outstanding” play though. And jeez, the Flyers management really sucks…why did we get rid of all these guys?

  9. all those names do poke at you, but the real stabber is patrick sharp. he is undoubtedly the biggest miscalculation of talent by flyers brass. that’s not to mean the flyers brass didn’t goof at all on the others. i just think the jury is still out on some of them while others are just dumb luck.

    • Agreed about Sharp. But he had to go to make room for Richards and Carter.

      Good riddance to Richie and Carts. Couldn’t stand them here. Can’t stand them in LA or this website’s obsessive manlove or them.

      Glad they found each other and true love out in LA after their brief separation spent longing for one another.

      Move on.

  10. Moderatley surprised that you didn’t board a plane to LA in order to check on Carter. I’m positive you were filled with panic when he took that stick to the face…or…you were really REALLY wishing that in that moment, you were the hockey stick (oh to be touching Jeff Carter’s face).

    MOVE ON – it’s so so sad for you to dwell like this. The Kings will go as far as Quick can take them, not as far as your wet dream Carter can take them.

    • As long as I am a fan I will NEVER let the Flyers live this down. A year removed from the cup and you trade away the brass of your team (proven talent) for a bunch of guys who are PREDICTED to do well. Not to mention, if Voracek, Coots, and Schenn end up being good players, there is no way with a cap that the Flyers will be able to keep them all. This team could have been JVR, Giroux, Richards, and Carter upfront, along with a blossoming Bobrovsky in goal (who posted a 2.00 GAA of the Blue Jackets, BLUE JACKETS, who have no offense whatsoever and an ok defense). No worries though! We have a bunch of unproven youngsters and a goalie that accounts for 12% of our cap hit who’s more obssessed with stars than fucking stopping pucks! I’d say we’re fine, way better than two seasons ago!!

  11. Mike Richards and Jeff Carter: The Liberace and Scott Thorson of the NHL.

    Bobrovsky will be in the KHL in a year or two. A two month flash in the pan.

  12. Richards’ and Carter’s ultimate nightmare: Dave Bolland and Duncan Keith rent a house in Sea Isle this summer.

  13. Danm. Mike Richards better be carefull when he sticks his cock in Cart’s mouth.

  14. Was a blatant hook from jagr on that “assist”

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