Everyone is Going to Be Talking About the Phillies This Month

Get used to articles like this one from Tim Brown of Yahoo! about the Phillies’ decision to buy or sell (hint: it should be sell!):

These Phillies aren’t exactly those Phillies. Some of the names are the same. Even a few of the games are familiar, given the proper amount of distance and whimsy. Over five years, they’d hoisted themselves into the game’s elite. Constructed by Pat Gillick and Ruben Amaro Jr. (and even Ed Wade), marshaled by the charmingly competent Charlie Manuel, encouraged by a long sellout streak at Citizens Bank Park, the Phillies had their time. Yesterday was theirs. Today, though. What to do about today?

They were the definition of mediocre last season. In this one, they’re in a 15-rounder for mediocre, one they are at the moment losing. In the NL East alone, the Atlanta Braves have the better team, the Washington Nationals the deeper organization. A month from the trading deadline, the Phillies entered Sunday 8 ½ games out of the division lead, 7 ½ games out of a playoff spot, possess an offense and starting rotation that glitter with reputations yet are statistically average, and find themselves in the later innings swaying to the worst bullpen in the National League.

Good, if not unrevealing read from Brown.


  1. You wanna know how to conduct a trade deadline firesale Rube? You come to me.

  2. ThePhillyFlash

    July 1, 2013 at 12:49 pm

    We, as fans, already know the score about the 2013 Phillies, so we didn’t this article to point out the obvious: this team STINKS. The problem is that Dave Montgomery, Ruben Amaro, Charlie Manuel and J-Roll among others still haven’t arrived at that conclusion, and are either unwilling to do so, or are simply nursing a humongous case of denial. What has already been a long, lousy spring of baseball has the potential for becoming a longer, lousier summer as I fear the Phils will stand pat, hold on to everyone and beat this now dead horse of an era into the ground.

    • ThePhillyFlash, I’m curious about what you mean by including J Roll in this convo. Were you saying that you think the players should just call it quits for the season? If thats what your implying theres no way in hell I would ever want a player to take that attitude, especially a veteran like a J Roll who has influence in the locker room among the younger players.

      • Crucify Wheels

        July 1, 2013 at 2:10 pm

        Rollins? Rollins who has been benched twice in the past for jogging to first or just heading to the dugout while the ball is still in the air? If he is the veteran to look up to in there, no wonder this team sucks.

      • ThePhillyFlash

        July 1, 2013 at 2:18 pm

        Rollins has already been a poor influence on the younger players because of his occasional and annoying habit of half-assing it on the field, something that’s gotten him benched by Uncle Charlie more than once. Perhaps I expect too much, but when I look at a team that can’t pitch, can’t hit, can’t field or execute the fundamentals with any degree of regularity; a team that, after the first three months of the season has spent all of ONE FUCKING DAY above .500; a team that often struggles to get out of its own way, don’t insult my intelligence by saying that said kennel still has “hope”! In other words, don’t piss on me, then say it’s raining.

        • I’m not saying he doesn’t dog it from time to time. No one is denying that fact. I’m simply asking do you want your players to come out and say the seasons over at July 1. It’s not the players job to say the seasons over.

          • Bill – I don’t think anyone ever wants to see players “pack it in” and honestly for the amount of money these guys make they should never ever give less then a 100% every time they take the field but at the same time I would much rather have players be honest instead of just saying what they are suppose to say. No I don’t expect these guys to come out on July 1 and say the season is over but what JStroll said yesterday after yet another terrible loss was insulting/offensive depending on how you look at it. You’re half way through the season, 9.5 games out of the NL East, and 7.5 games out of a playoff spot and Jimmy says he isn’t disappointed? He is disappointed with how the first half as gone? With how that series just ended up? You had one game were you scored 16 runs and then your team went 1 for 16 with runners in scoring position after that and you’re not disappointed? Your bullpen blows and your not disappointed? Listen I get it, you’re not gonna throw anyone under the bus or quit on the season but at least be honest and say you guys suck right now and were gonna keep working to get better. But to play this cool guy attitude like lets now get worried because we’ve been here before, we know how to win is BS. It’s tired, it’s played out. No one fears you guys any more. RAJ has made many mistakes the last couple of seasons and resigning this guy was one of them.

  3. Atlanta has stunk since their hot 11 game win streak.

    The Nationals suck.

    The Phillies are average at best…

    Just don’t trade Utley…

  4. Oh and they should just stand pat and play with what they’ve got…

    They won’t get anything for any of these guys. They’re not worth trading…

  5. agree with FACE, trading these guys for what would basically amount to some minor league depth is stupid. The only player that would have any real value would likely be Lee (and they’d have to eat a chunk of the salary to get a top prospect in return). Which would be fine if they choose to do so, but trading Utley for some B level prospect just doesn’t feel right.

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