Now THESE are Your Granddad’s Phillies


I nominate this guy to be the fan of the game.

Despite their best efforts to lose their sixth straight game, the Phillies managed to snatch a victory from the jaws of hilarity. Even the worst teams in baseball win 60 games, children.

Jonathan Papelbon did his best impression of, well, himself before Dom Brown dropped a routine fly that would have ended the game. Ninth inning, looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 8.51.21 AM

9-8, good(?) guys.


  1. I dropped my bowl of imitation Peanut Butter Capt’n Crunch when Dom dropped that ball. Then I cried over the spilled milk, not the way the Phils played.

  2. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that DeSean Jackson thinks the defensive coach is called the “defense of coordinators.”

  3. You Play To Win The Game!!!

    Ruf, Brown , Asche all looked great at the plate yesterday….encouraging

  4. Dom dropped the ball because he’s not black enough!

  5. I was sitting right near that guy..Totally dropped the N bomb when Dom dropped that ball.

  6. @junkhead-I thought the same when I heard Deseans text-he uses voice text and it picked it up wrong lol

  7. ThePhillyFlash

    August 7, 2013 at 9:44 am

    Watching that ninth inning calamity last night, I wonder what might have happened if Darin Ruf were in leftfield at the time instead of Brown. Would he have caught the ball cleanly, thus sparing everybody all that anguish?

  8. My girls not a fighter, but you should see her box

    August 7, 2013 at 9:49 am

    that was worse than steve sasquatches against detroit

  9. Heard Riley Cooper ate grits this morning to help with his racism

  10. With this season being a total wash, it’s all about getting the young guys playing time. It was nice to see both Ruf and Asche smacking the ball around last night. However, I’m wondering how many “2008” fans will be patient during this transitional phase. I presuming many will jump ship thus that will transpire in a sharp decline in the sales of ILL shirts as well?

    • Let ’em jump ship…no different during the “lean years” at the Vet. Worst case scenario, people care little for the free bobblehead games and you can scoop up a ton on the cheap! I’m excited to see what Brown, Ruf, Asche, Martin, Morgan, Gonzalez, Biddle, Franco, Dugan, Joseph can bring to the team in the next few yrs, plus, there’s no way with the upcoming TV deal the FO brass let’s this ship sink for the forseeable future, too much money to be made/lost. Sign Morse and McCann in the offseason plus a few established bullpen pieces and we’re set….youth!

      • “there’s no way with the upcoming TV deal the FO brass let’s this ship sink for the forseeable future”

        Really? The ship is already sunk, Amaro fucked this team up royally. The young players should have been introduced slowly over time, but now because the GM can’t construct a winning team with a $170 million dollar payroll, they will be depended on to win all at once. Not a good formula.

        • TV deal aside, this team has a bright future. Dom Brown has solidified himself as a legit power threat in my opinion, Darin Ruf is at the very least, an upgrade over D Young/Mayberry or the other slop throw out there, Ben Revere is slowly becoming the next young Juan Pierre, Ethan Martin, although shelled by a red hot Braves team in his first start had 6 K’s through the first 3 INNINGS and has plus stuff, just has to get his control down, Hamels/Lee will be fine next yr. with better run support, hence why signing a Michael Morse will help with added pop considerably. Cody Asche, although he always seems to start slow in the beginning of an advancement (see minor league progression) shows patience at the plate, something Howard/Rollins have none of (although I will always love them both), Asche will be a legit 3B for the Phils. That’s just the surface, with Gonzalez an unknown with unlimited potential, Franco the right handed masher and number one ranked prospect in the Phils system not far away, plus Adam Morgan/Kelly Dugan/Tommy Joseph (although hurt this yr) in the furture plans, this team could turn things around while dealing with J-Roll and Nose…Utley is still the man (2 yr ext)…so a few moves here and there could bring the Phils back to the class of the NL East next year..I know this year sucks, so did last year, but this franchise is too proud to revert back to the aw fuck it days (see ’94 – ’04)

      • morse and mccann? is this mikey mizz?

        • haha…no, he’s a chode….bernie from broomall deserves to run the entire 97.5 roster…i can’t stand sean brace, he’s just.awful

  11. Free Agents 2014 – Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Brian McCann (McCann will probably cost 1st pick – upon further review – fuck that!) , Mike Morse, Omar Infante…i would sign Salty, Morse, and Infante along with a SP and Bullpen piece….all will be relatively inexpensive compared to the splash names but would be an added upgrade on what has been out there (Mayberry/D Young/Nix(no more)/Martinez/McDonald…I resign Frandsen and I guess keep Mayberry as an off the bench platoon…easier said than done, but wishful thinking I guess.

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