Andy Reid Wins Challenge, Philadelphia Not Charged a Timeout

Andy Reid won a challenge today as the Chiefs won yet another game, smoking the Giants in my early season favorite for the I Wish the Stadium Would’ve Imploded Instead Bowl, and one referee just couldn’t couldn’t comprehend that he was staring at a tomato and not a black hole, mistaking Reid’s team as, well: Philadelphia will not be charged a timeout.

More notable, however, is: ANDY REID WON A CHALLENGE?!

H/T to everyone who pointed this out and reader Rob for the video


  1. Is there a sorrier city than ours? Seriously, all four teams blow. Our football team is an historic joke, and is a complete laughing stock right now with this cockamamie coach and stunad GM. Kansas City and the nfl is laughing at us.

    I’m starting to believe I will die without seeing this team win.

    • Hi, Hey, don’t give up on this team. Remember Dick Veimell from UCLA? When he was first hired, he had go through rebuilding by finding out who will be willing to play or not so he kick the bums out. Philadelphia Eagles finally went to Superbowl in 1981 against Oakland Raiders and they lost. In 2005, Philadelphia Eagles lost to New England by the score 24-21, No thanks to puking McNabbs who can’t cope with pressure.

  2. I learn that Andy Reid and Kansa City Chiefs won another game and now they’re 4-0. Now this coach is getting too cocky. Hope other team will find a way to knock this team off by handing them a first loss of the season. maybe he won’t be too cocky. Eagles Fan, what do you think?

  3. How could you not be rooting for the Chiefs in this game? The Giants are a division rival. Their record greatly affects the Eagles, whereas KC’s success plays no part in our standings (other than when they beat us).

    If you’re playing the I-don’t-want-to-see-our-ex-coach-well card, come off it! The guy did his best when he was here and has since been forced to move on. There’s no reason to wish ill upon Big Red. Besides, I think it may be quickly becoming apparent that perhaps the players are not nearly as good as originally perceived.

  4. Andy doesn’t get to be GM in KC does he? Meaning he won’t be able to draft garbage year after year to drive KC into the ground like he did in Philly? I would love for him to pick a couple more “sleepers” like the firefighter, jerome mcdougle, nate allen, that kick returner from nova, and Temple secondary players. We suck now because for the last 10 years Andy had been drafting garbage. Give him time to work some magic in KC.

  5. Slammin Gretzky's Daughter

    September 30, 2013 at 9:08 am

    The media needs to calm down before it gives Andy the coach of the year award. Look at the Chiefs schedule so far. They beat us, the Giants, and the Jaguars. Those barely count as wins. Yeah they beat the Cowboys but they’re not exactly the ’72 Dolphins. And it was by one point at home.

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