Here’s Video of Riley Cooper and Cary Williams Fighting at Practice

Well, that’s a still Eagles PR is going to love…

Williams absolutely threw a punch… to Cooper’s helmet.

Jump (the fence) for the fight.


  1. Never thought I would utter the words: “DeSean Jackson, Leader”

  2. so far all i have seen of cary williams since he has been here is that he gets mad when he gets thrown on the ground and he knows how to use a right cross.

  3. The Original that guy

    September 5, 2013 at 12:53 pm

    Cary williams is a sparkling wiggles punk. Fuck him.

  4. 4 days before the season starts and this happens. Hopefully it was just the heat of the moment and entirely related to something that was going on at practice…..but I doubt it.

  5. It appears that Mike Vick goes in to calm Williams down, but then Williams says a few things to Vick to that pisses Vick off. I just wish they didn’t play that music so loud so I could hear what was said.

  6. So far team IQ is looking pretty f’n low.

  7. You can hear one of the reporters in the video say “who do you think it is”. Not sure if thats a reference for Williams or Cooper. The 2013 Eagles – Picking Sconces and Attending Concerts

  8. Cooper said he hated his sconces and Williams went thug on him. Both are punks anyway.

  9. So, we had Riley Racist throwing down with Cary the Sconce Man. How exciting. Both those losers should thank their lucky stars they’re still gainfully employed. But, if either of them gets the ax during the season for being a useless turd, my money’s on Williams as all eyes will be on this sieve of a defensive backfield.

  10. Trying to get that $1,000 from Marcus??

  11. We should have just cut Cooper – its not like we would have even missed him.

    • While I tend to agree, Williams is the one that is in the wrong here and I probably a bigger douche then Cooper…if that’s even possible.

  12. Cary escalated this to a level it didn’t need to go to AND he stepped to Vick. It’s one thing to get into it with the Riley Coopers of the world but stepping to and challenging the unquestioned leader of this team and its starting QB will get him into some hot water.

    Cut Williams, sign Joselio Hanson to play the nickel, start Boykin on the outside.


  13. MissyMikey the undercover dykie

    September 5, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Dont hit Riley in the face, he is SO HOT I have my asscheeks spread, buttered up and I am waiting for his COOPER to engage my pooper ! I am locked in this closet, living a lie, my ex wife and daughter both HATE ME. I stutter a lot now and the only thing dropping faster than my undies are my ratings! Might be time to punch my producer again !

  14. Cooper totally started it and then calmed down to look like the innocent little baby. I’d be pissed if I was Cary. At least he has some fire under his butt. I mean, this is football. Yeah it looks bad (sort of…) when a defensive player just ignores and fires back at a team’s leader, who plays offense (Vick), but I like a little crazy hothead on my team.

  15. Is it just me, or does the techno music almost make this hilarious?

  16. I hate this team.

  17. Some Other White Guy

    September 5, 2013 at 6:16 pm

    I also hate this team.

  18. i really hope williams is an asset to our team, because it’s honestly fucking pissing me off that this dude has such a short fuse. dude doesnt know how to be professional at all.

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