Don Tollefson is in an Inpatient Facility

Voila_Capture210Last night, Action News – Tollie’s former home – reported that Tollie has checked into an inpatient care facility.

Tollie confirmed to the station that he is indeed getting treatment.

He didn’t say for what, but if I were to make an informed and educated guess based on some things I’ve heard the past few days, it would be that he has an addiction to painkillers– the result of injuries he sustained in a car accident in 2008. [Tollie was let go from FOX Philly after milking a workers’ comp claim resulting from injuries he sustained in a car accident while on his way to cover a press conference at Villanova. He lost a court battle over the ordeal in 2012.] But again, that’s just a guess.

The timing, of course, is convenient as more reports surface of Tollie ripping people off.

Today, I received another TOLLIE TALE. From reader Dane:

Hi Kyle,

I got yet another story about “The Good Guy”.  I was irate when it happened but didn’t know how to report him because he was a respected celebrity. I’m so glad this stuff has come out .But, he screwed me bad and I need to pile on because of  what he did to me.  I went to one of his charity events at a local bar in Philly in 2008. I gave him 500 down and promised to pay 500 in 2 weeks for 2 front row tickets to a sixers celtics game in a month. He said he would mail me the tickets in a week. I never received them. I called back in 2 weeks (2 weeks before game and 2 weeks after coming to the event). He said he needed the other 500 bucks in order for me to mail them. I said I didn’t understand because that was not the deal. He just said the money was needed first now and asked me if he wanted to disappoint the kids if the money was not there. I was a little more than ticked but didn’t argue because i thought he was a respected guy and it was a good cause.  Well, I sent the money and never ever recevied anything. I called and called and called and just got a full v-mail box.


The “respected celebrity” thing seems to be a theme here. You can debate the semantics of that until your face is bloated and your hair plugs suck… but Tollie was and is a recognizable figure in this town. Who would’ve thought that he’d rip you off? And worse: how do you report him?

I’m not trying to relate their actions (at all), but this has a very Jerry Sandusky feel to it. Both were respected do-gooders in their community who, outwardly, helped lots of children. Yet once the layers of their onions were peeled back (and imagine how often Papa Jer is having his onion peeled in prison…), you uncover dozens of claims of wrongdoing that, for one reason or another, couldn’t be reported (or someone didn’t know how to report them). Again, I’m not trying to relate their actions, but both guys are good examples of notable, respected men within their communities who had ulterior motives. Reminds you of that guy who runs those chicken joints:


Tollie – or presumably his lawyer – released a statement to Action News:

In recent months, the programs I have conducted for disadvantaged children have encountered financial challenges. As a result, we have needed to cancel trips and other prize packages and for that I greatly apologize to our generous donors who have taken such a great interest in these wonderful children. In the coming months, we hope to fulfill our obligations, resume our programs and make things right for our donors. I am currently receiving treatment at an inpatient facility. After I am discharged, I will fully address all of the above issues. I am truly sorry for any inconvenience and anxiety caused by these circumstances. Please respect my family’s privacy while I resolve these issues.

That wouldn’t explain the claim from reader Dane regarding his alleged 2008 fucking, however.


  1. i think we should wait and see what tolly has been going through before we burn him at the stake

    • Thanks, relative/close friend of Don.

    • Yeah y’all. Give my man Tollie a chance. Everybody make mistakes. It’s about embracing God and second chances. Nammsayin?

    • no sympathy for junkies

      October 18, 2013 at 3:02 pm

      he’s been goin through other people’s money

    • Waiting is EXACTLY what Tolly wants because he knows over time this will be forgotten.

      Wanna bet absolutely no charges on filed on him – ever?

      Rob Wawa for a pretzel and the police come rushing to the scene and arrest us.

      Yet wear a suit and tie and “inconvenient messes” get swept under a rug.

      As George Carlin once said, “They’re all in a club… and we ain’t in it.”

      The police… the judges… the media – they’re all in the same club with no windows. George Washington was in this club, too.

  2. Wonder what his painkiller of choice is. Generic 30s? Does He snort ’em (who actually eats them)? Straw or dirty Hundo Bill style? I need 2 know!!

  3. Talbot's Fucking Penis

    October 18, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    Any more “Tollie Tales” should be listed in the comment section, not “reported”. Anyone wants a chance to pile stories on someone who can’t defend themselves. Definitely not defending the douche, but any story emailed to you is unfounded and just speculation because people want to be apart of something big.

  4. Dane, you know your ex girlfriend sucked his cock right? She prolly got your 500 as well. Bitches lie bro….

    • Talbot's Fucking Penis

      October 18, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      Is this how Kacie O’Donnell got the job?

      • Nah that job came via Mike Jerrick. After running out of Co-eds on the Rowan campus to promise jobs to for hummers.

    • I’d lay money he’s talking shit. This would have come out long ago. It hasn’t been happening for years and isn’t the scale of Pastor Irving Fryar’s crimes. Tolly isn’t a mythical creature. He’s a human who’s run into a dark time and I can speak personally to his kindness and generosity.

  5. i hope get gets the treatment that he so needs because he has clearly been on the wrong path and was probably heading even further towards self-destruction. still, philliephan88, i have to ask, what would justify this behavior that you want to wait and see. life shits on us all. we all have to deal with death, failed relationships, job loss, isnt about what happens to you, but more about how you deal with it. now, before you accuse me of being unsympathetic, i have relatives and friends who have battled substance abuse and the subsequent problems that come with it. i dont fault them for having done drugs and/or drank as everyone makes mistakes. what i dont like about a majority of substance abuse people is that when they finally come to the realization of how many people they have done wrong and how bad they did them wrong, you often hear, “ohh, that wasn’t me. that was the drugs and/or alcohol!” that is my friend is complete and utter bullshit. when you choose to abuse substances, you choose to do everything that comes with it and you should and must accept responsibility for every little fallout that comes with it. blaming it on the abuse itself is cowardly.

    • @Informed, great point. I myself have battle alcoholism for years as it runs in my family. Addiction is something you can’t explain to the average person. It is something eats at you from the inside out. Something that without treatment you cannot control yourself. It is a battle that I face every single god damn day. It is not a choice. Having said all that, I do agree that he should face the consequences that is coming towards him. However, let’s not jump to any conclusions. Let’s wait and hear what he has to say. Then once we gathered all the facts and not speculations, he can face his punishment accordingly.

      • it ran and still does run in my family so i understand where you are coming from and all i wish you the best in your recovery. all i am saying is there is no excuse for what he has done. i dont care if his gradmother died in a car accident that ran over the kitten that belonged to his wife. at the end of the day, this dude knowingly and willingly fucked people over and the motive was likely to support an addiction.

  6. what is this “wait and see bullshit” and “can’t defend himself” bullshit? that guy has made a crapload of money being one of the more well known figures in this town and hes stealing peoples hard earned money. Fuck that guy. He deserves everything he gets. keep it coming kyle

    • Agreed, I know first hand that he really did rip people off. Stealing from charity has got to be the lowest you can go!

  7. Andy provided the tickets and Garret the drugs

  8. Candy from the Oak

    October 18, 2013 at 12:51 pm

    Wouldn’t be shocked if he set up a fake Gary Papa charity. Good thing this didn’t help to the trash in Delco, more dumb victims

  9. Candy from the Oak

    October 18, 2013 at 12:52 pm

    Happen :(

  10. Childish Tolley

    October 18, 2013 at 1:11 pm

    Can anyone tell me what is Bill Conlin’s Jupiter, Fla address?

  11. Carmen Sandiego

    October 18, 2013 at 1:14 pm

    taking donations in order to help Mr. Sandusky appeal his conviction
    taking donations in order to help Mr. Hernandez appeal his conviction

    #freejerry #freehernandez

  12. Tollie banged me up the butt!

  13. He took me up the ash too!

  14. respect my families privacy… but fuck your family for sending me money… i’ll get to it when i get to it..

    sincerely go fuck yourself


  15. Tolliepillpopper

    October 18, 2013 at 1:57 pm

    “Respect my privacy”.. Yeah fuck that. Steal thousands of dollars from people and then check yourself into inpatient treatment. Asshole. Hopefully they show as much respect to his privacy as he did to their money

  16. I’m still fired up that he big timed me when I saw him at mcgillins years back. Pretended I wasn’t even there. Pos shitting problem loser

  17. Dana- Who was scammed by Tollie

    October 18, 2013 at 2:00 pm

    So is he paying for this rehab with my $$???

  18. Skippy- (Formerly from Thee Bus)

    October 18, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Tollie is innocent. I’m a personal friend of his. I heard the story from the horses mouth!!!
    Respect his privacy!!!!

  19. Childish Tolley

    October 18, 2013 at 2:25 pm

    “Let’s do it for the kids”!!

  20. Tried doing a fundraiser with Tollie back in 2008, this was several months after the accident. Spoke with him many times on the phone and each time he sounded stoned. He mentioned a few times that he was taking painkillers. Bottom line, he made a lot of promises that he could not keep. I had other backers lines up because of his support. In the end, he never could get his crap together to get the fundraising off the ground, and things fell apart; I ended up going with a different backer. Got a random phonecall from Tollie months after the event to see if I was still interested in teaming up with him – he sounded high as a kite then too. Nothing more awkward than trying to have a conversation about raising money for sick kids with someone doped up painkillers.

    Sounds like he hasn’t changed much since 2008…only gotten worse. Hope Tollie get the help he needs.

  21. Kevin "The Taskmaster" Sullivan

    October 18, 2013 at 2:32 pm

    Imagine how fired up Tollie’s drug dealer is right now?

  22. I had Tollie eating Percs from my vag like skittles from an open bag. A pink fleshy open bag. Taste the rainbow bitch!

  23. everyone goes to rehab to fix their reputation.
    ie. Weiner
    ie. Larry Craig
    ie. Bob Filner

    it’s an excuse, a way out, he’s a slimeball.. period.

    FYI: Notice every picture he uses always has a black child?

  24. It’s either gambling, painkillers, coke, or booze. Or, for a great time, all of the above with a dime on the Eagles game.

    ….off a guy who’ll be bagging groceries next week!

  25. We worked at the same radio station and I always thought management were fools for giving him items/helping him auctions off items for his “Winning Ways” charity with no proof it existed or proof kids benefited from the charity. We said back then Toffefson was a crook.

  26. that’s odd.. from what people were saying on here..
    ie. he’s a pussy magnet?

    i thought you’d be sucking his dick vs. having suspicions?

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