Here’s a GIF of Ed Snider Jerking Off His Water Bottle


  1. You’re an idiot

  2. Wow..cmon…doesn’t this fall into the category of…inappropriate journalism …???

  3. The Original that guy

    October 7, 2013 at 1:31 pm

    Free Candy from the oak.

  4. Yes suspend a guy for stating a common sterotype saying its bad for sponsors. But post a gif the correlates jerking off and cumming. Totally appropriate……so good for sponsors.

  5. Pops Eddie has not aged well….and his wife, WOOF!

  6. Really? You complain about your comments section and then you post this BS? Hmmmm….

  7. This would have been a great day for Candy if he wasn’t banned. Would have loved to have heard his opinon on this Flyers news.

  8. all I can hear is Adam Sandler’s “At a medium pace” in my head. Oh and free candy!

  9. That candy post wasw a lie. You made a fake account so you could say how you really feel knowing you could fall back on the “fake commenter” excuse. I propose a ban of this site! Who is with me?!??!

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