Here’s the Trailer for What Promises to be a Very Pro-Joe Pa Penn State Documentary

Was really feeling this trailer up until the 2:20 mark, when glowing footage of Joe Paterno kicked off a minute of We Are Penn State chants set to gospel music.

Can’t imagine how football ever grew to be too powerful in Happy Valley…

[Meanwhile, today news broke that Penn State settled with 26 victims for $59 million.]


  1. Mike Miss is a racist for what he said about D Jac

    October 28, 2013 at 5:19 pm

    Who gives a fuck about that child molester joe pa

  2. Glad this is settled….with all due respect to the victims, lets move the fuck on

    • Yeah so you can get back to watching football games without being reminded that his holiness Joe Pa knowingly allowed children to be raped rather than sully the program. Good call.

      • Is it your shitty life or being a fan of a shitty sports town that makes you so angry? Football is no more or less powerful in Happy Valley than it is in 31 NFL cities and at least 30-40 college football towns. Get over this BS narrative.

      • I’m with you. The PSU fans continue to prove to the rest of the country just how demented sports have become by protecting the legacy of a man who harbored the lowest of lowly creatures – the pedophile – to protect his own legacy as (ironically) the leader and coach of a football team. PSU is one of the best universities in the nation and this little man tarnishes the reputation of its professors and students for his own glory. Absolute power corrupts – always has, always will.

  3. 63-14 they are, fucking terrible.

  4. ^^^typical depressed white trash eagles fans from kensington above me… get back to your jobs pumping gas…..While i continue the last great year of my life in happy valley.

  5. I hope this documentary makes some effort to address the ‘bubble of delusion’ that PSU fans are living in. The rest of the US saw this story for what it was – Paterno was more powerful than PSU administration and more powerful than the State College police. He had reached ridiculous levels of superior human status and he was willing to let young poverty stricken boys suffer so he could protect his school, his job, his reputation and his legacy. It’s the ultimate story about power and how it is used and abused by those who have it to protect themselves at the expense of the victims. Just as important is how steadfast Paterno fans are in the face of overwhelming evidence. An interesting case study in hero worship taken to extremes or how people think they really KNOW someone who is famous because they are fans!. Do they identify so strongly with this man that very few of them knew that his guilt makes them guilty as well? I guess it’s a good thing he never asked his fans to drink poison koolaid.

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