Howard Eskin is Now Immortalized on an AT&T Subway Ad

Voila_Capture317As further evidence that we don’t have real celebrities in Philadelphia, Howard Eskin is now caricatured on an AT&T poster at AT&T Station in South Philly. Because he follows sports so closely he’s practically on the team.

But Eskin being part of an AT&T campaign isn’t the real outrage. The real outrage is that they have bloggers on these things and, well, it’s not me:


WHO? Dude’s got 1,100 Twitter followers (@jjklee) and I can’t even find his supposed website. What a sham. You know who runs Philly’s most popular blog using AT&T’s blazing LTE network and doesn’t get a dime from them or his face in a subway station? ——->This guy<——-

I just hired an agent. And then I fired him!

Photos via AT&T PR– CALL ME!


  1. Murray from Mayfair

    October 25, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Howard never gives me nfl picks anymore :(
    -I’m in love with Rob Ellis!!!
    Fire don mattingly

  2. Like him or not (and you’re clearly in the “not” column) he is a Philly sports fixture, so this ad makes perfect sense. The real question is how long it stays unmarred, and when it does eventually get defaced, will it be graffiti, urine, vomit, or boogers.

  3. Eskin called me an idiot once on twitter. I hope a bum jerks off in front of that nightly.

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  5. I miss the King but do love his sat morning show

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