Video: Flyers Bro Gets Bathroom Justice

See, these are the real Philly sports fans.

A tale: Drunken bro walks into men’s room at the Wells Fargo Center. Drunken bro harasses guy minding his own business who just happens to be wearing a Flyers hat and a jacket with a Bruins logo. Flyers fans come to innocent guy’s defense by harrassing bro: Stop being a douchebag, guy. With that fucking Pizza Hut shirt on. Calm down, we’re all hockey fans. The guy’s trying to take a piss.

H/T to reader Jim


  1. Fucking broski’s….

  2. And then I found $5.

  3. Steve Jeltz Love Child

    October 3, 2013 at 10:11 am

    The real question is, who’s the guy taking videos of other guy’s taking a piss?

    • Angelo Cataldi is my dad

      October 3, 2013 at 11:05 am

      This is the question that needs to answered. Breaking out video of bathroom chatter….somehow I think he was trying to get something else on film

  4. Hey Kyle, notice how Deadspin actually credited you and didn’t just use the raw YouTube link and cut you out like you did to them the other day you scumbag?

  5. I actually know this kid. Grew up in the same neighborhood as him. Been a prick since we were young…once got caught stealing beer from a neighbors garage when he was around 16 haha. Pizza Hut shirt line made me laugh. Btw, he’s “working” prob thanks to daddy

  6. I was actually in the bathroom at the same time. Guy was a complete idiot

  7. Candy from the Oak

    October 3, 2013 at 10:39 am

    Bucks county fag trying to act Delco. Wonder if G blow any guys after the game

  8. At one point it looks like either Steve Morrison or Colin Mochrie enters the scene wearing a bright yellow shirt.

  9. Billy Bowel Movement Wagner

    October 3, 2013 at 10:53 am

    What a turd.

  10. If I remember correctly the closest Pizza Hut to the Wells Fargo Center would have to be the resturant that is located at S. Front Street and W. Oregon Avenue. Just under 2 miles away, and that would have a 19148 postal code; or more commonly a ZIP code. (Fun fact: ZIP stands for Zone Improvement Plan)

  11. Thomas E Merschen

    October 3, 2013 at 11:15 am

    Weak. Thought he was going to at least get suckered.

  12. 2013 Most punchable face award goes to Pizza Hut broski

  13. Like a bizarro Pizza Hut Vinny Lecavalier

  14. I know this kid. What a douche

  15. I would have punched that dude in the back of the head if he ever pulled that shit with me

  16. Douche Doucherton

    October 3, 2013 at 11:35 am

    You’d get stabbed in San Francisco or LA for that.

    Or anything else.

  17. That douche bag looks like that pussy Ted Mosby from how I met your mother

  18. Who takes a beer in with them? Man up and finish it, It’s a prop for that fucking pussy.

  19. This videos weak. I also know this kid and he’s the man, haters gonna hate though.

  20. A concerned king

    October 3, 2013 at 1:21 pm

    This is absurd, granted he should not be wearing a tie to the game but obviously he’s a bigger fan than all of your tools. He is calling out a fan for wearing bruins jacket. If you don’t agree with that then get the hell out of our stadium. All of you hating on him should be ashamed as fans. This kid is the man and is a true Philly fan you soft “douchenozzles”. No one in that bathroom is a true Philly fan.

  21. I was there last night. That pizza hut shirt dude has a super small wiener.

  22. Watch out, all of Pizza hut bros employees are coming to save the day.

  23. Candy’s Comments = Priceless.

    even if she’s not from Delco.

  24. I like the self-posts in the comment section by Pizza Hut shirt dude

  25. I wouldn’t really call this “justice” for the dude wearing the bruins gear cause you can see his dick in the video. Kinda fucked up this is posted

  26. Flyers fans are a bunch of white trash blue collar roofers. Dudes wearing a bruins jacket and flyers hat. Worst fans in phila.

  27. This kid should be getting props…Pizza Hut? Seriously? He’s the only one in the bathroom man enough to call the dude out for wearing a Bruins shirt and a Flyers hat. That’s against every unwritten sports rule ever. Plus, the kid wasn’t trying to start a fight, just calling the dude out…

  28. I guess hockey fans just can’t be fans of the whole league, like many teams and players? Wear different teams apparel? I’m surprised that hockey fan didn’t knock him out.

  29. C.Pilsner, a concerned King, and Ian G. aka Pizza Hut Guy or his lame friends-

    Yes it is a violation to wear two teams’ apparel to a game, especially when it’s a northeast rivalry, but to be calling out someone in the bathroom while looking like that is more of an issue haha

  30. You don’t go to a Flyers game, or any Philly games repping another team while wearing a hat with the philly logo on it. If this guy was just wearing a bruins pullover no one would really care. But wearing two team’s gear is idiotic and this guy should have been called out all night for it. Shame on everyone in that bathroom for not supporting Pizza Hut Bro for doing what was right and calling him the fuck out! Everyone in that bathroom was soft as the bruins fan’s dick!

  31. Look at all of these pathetic flyer fans circle jerking to this video. Most sensitive fans in Philadelphia. You guys are pretty tough on the internet!

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